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5 cricketers and their football equivalents

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Football and cricket

Football and cricket are 2 games that are completely different from each other. One game requires a medium-sized ball and players running from one corner of the field to the other whereas, the other requires a small-sized ball and a bat, made of wood. Football is a lively game played for 90 minutes whereas, cricket is played for 3 hours or even 5 days.

Cricket requires a lot of mental energy as compared to football, because it is played for a longer period of time and demands a lot of patience. On the other hand, football needs a lot of physical strength as, players have to run wildly for 90 minutes.

They are as different as chalk and cheese in many ways. However, none of this stops fans from comparing the beautiful games and having their say on which is the better one. Both the games are widely followed all over the world and both the games have millions of die-hard fans.

In spite of the enormous differences between the games, there some players in cricket who are compared with footballers due to their similar characteristics.

And, in this article we shall have a look at 5 cricketers and their football equivalents.

#1 Rashid Khan and Kylian Mbappe

Kent Spitfires v Sussex Sharks - Vitality Blast

The two have unquestionably been the best youngsters in their respective games. In fact, they have been so consistent that, pundits and fans have labelled them as, superstars at their tender ages. Rashid has been hailed as the best bowler in the world by many and Mbappe is considered as one of the best in the world.

Rashid Khan hardly fails with his leg-spin and always picks up wickets for his team and Mbappe is a threat for oppositions with his tremendous speed and an eye for scoring goals. Mbappe became the 2nd teenager to score a goal in the World Cup Final whereas, Rashid has helped Afghanistan cause some memorable upsets.

19-year-old Mbappe helped France win the World Cup this year and 20-year-old Rashid Khan helped his nation win the World Cup Qualifiers this year. No matter what happens, both these players are going to establish themselves as legends of the game and rewrite history.

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