Adam Gilchrist opens up about the bowler who was the hardest to keep to

Adam Gilchrist and Michael Bevan

Adam Gilchrist named Michael Beven as the bowler who was the hardest to keep

What's the story?

Former Australian skipper and wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist has opened up about the bowler who was the most difficult to keep to. Much to everyone's surprise, the Australian mentioned that Australia's ODI great Michael Bevan matched that record, when he talked about his experience with the bowlers in The Unpayable Podcast.

Gilchrist, known to his fans as 'Gilly,' said that although Bevan was not acclaimed for his bowling skills, he was as good with the ball as he was with the bat. "Obviously his batting, he was so masterful in that, but he did contribute with some handy wickets at times. The left-arm leggie, fast action, very difficult to pick out of the hand. That’s why it was so challenging", he stated.

He also went on to explain Bevan's bowling technique further in order to explain why the unpredictability in his deliveries made it so hard. "... Bevo will concede himself he didn’t have the greatest control so whilst he could land it right on a sixpence he could also throw them far and wide too, so it was always a challenge."

In case you didn't know...

Bevan is regarded as one of the best batsmen in the limited overs format. However, he is also one of the most underrated bowlers of all time. His spell of 10/113 against the West Indies in 1997 was registered as the best match figures in the Test history by an Australian left-arm wrist-spinner.

His best bowling figures in an ODI innings read 3/36 against Pakistan in 1997. Undoubtedly, he was more fierce with the ball in Tests.

The details

Gilchrist played 175 ODIs with Bevan, in which he kept for the latter in forty-five matches. Although his keeping was paired with some of the best bowlers in the history of Australian cricket, Gilchrist observed that Bevan's bowling was both extremely tactful and difficult to foretell in terms of line and length.

Bevan's specialty lied in his mastery of getting the most crucial wickets for his team. Widely regarded as the Finisher, Bevan never disappointed his skipper despite his intermittent role as a bowler.

His all-around performance played a vital role in Australia's monumental victories in the 1999 and 2003 World Cup.



Author's take

Bevan was undeniably a wizard of the limited over format. He single-headedly revived his team in the most crucial matches including the virtual knockout matches in the World Cup.

He was never credited for his bowling because his role as the most dependable batsman in the Australian squad received more attention.

Gilchrist's revelation of Bevan's bowling skill came as a pleasant surprise. The manner in which the iconic keeper credits his former teammate speaks volume about Bevan's proficiency considering the skilled keeper he himself was.

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