Ball Tampering News: Warner, Smith, Bancroft bans upheld

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Bimarsh Adhikari

Cricket Australia, the official cricket governing body of Australia, has decided to uphold the bans served by Smith, Warner, and Bancroft, meaning that the trio will have to serve their full bans.

The seven-person CA board made the unanimous decision through a telephone hook-up on Monday which makes it certain that India will face an Australian team hurt by the absence of their best batsmen.

The Australian Cricket Association had requested CA to minimise or completely remove the suspensions on the guilty trio.

"We note that the board of CA has both the power and in our view the moral obligation to do so. My message to Cricket Australia is a simple one: these contrite men have been punished enough. Let them play. I add that the ACA will be relentless in pursuing this end," ACA president Greg Dyer said.

The three suspended players have in active in Grade cricket in Australia while Smith and Warner have also participated in some domestic T20 leagues.

β€œThe Cricket Australia Board has carefully considered all elements of the ACA submission and has determined that it is not appropriate to make any changes to the sanctions handed down to the three players,” the interim chairman of CA, Earl Eddings said.

While Bancroft will be fit for return in December this year, Smith and Warner will have to wait till March 2019 to make a comeback to international cricket.

Fans and public from around the world have voted for uplifting the bans, considering how Australian cricket has fared in the absence of the two big names, Smith and Warner. With a strong Indian side knocking the Australian doors, Australia could also fail to replicate their unbeaten legacy against India in Test cricket.

The Australian cricket team has a poor winning rate in 2018. Despite this, Smith and Warner will serve their bans.

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