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Behave Critics - MS Dhoni is still the best man in the business

6.77K   //    01 Feb 2016, 11:17 IST
Dhoni-led Team India whitewashed the Australians in their own backyard

“Dhoni is a lost investment and a lost cause”.

“Dhoni is spent and wasted. He should immediately step down as the skipper in the limited overs format”.

“Dhoni has lost the Midas touch. He is overstaying as a captain”.

“Leave captaincy, Dhoni doesn’t deserve a place in the Indian team”.

I am sorry MS. This is a first when I had to pen down a few foul mouthed words against you. Well, these were the chirps which have echoed in the recent times. I did not care to quote the exact words and I don’t even remember the names of the folks who have chirped time and again.

This is the right time to go out all guns blazing. To quote in Hindi – “ Mauka bhi hai aur dastoor bhi “.

Trolling is an art and MS Dhoni is a master of the trolling his critics time and again. Here we are, having scaled down a mountain which had never ever been conquered in the history of the game. Whitewash, as they say, would be a term too humble to use. Rape would be a term too unethical to use. But we have handed the Aussies something similar of that sort.

I pity the so called legends, yes I do! India is a country where every single human thinks he has it in him the best virtues of analytics in cricket. Every single human comes up with non-sense. Nobody cares, of course. But what about those set of folks who have played at the highest level? Have they hung up their sanity as well while hanging their boots?

Indian team is in a phase of transition. We have the worst pace battery. Indian fielding lost out in the ODI series. Who is to blame? Was it sensible to single out MS Dhoni? Will Virat start putting in long yards to become a pace bowler as soon as he takes over from MS?

Will Virat start flying all over to save those singles or boundaries? He cannot, poor Virat. The pitch doesn’t offer turn and MS Dhoni is criticised heavily. Shouldn’t Ashwin or Jadeja put in some add-ons in their armory? Or do they think that making Virat Kohli the captain will make our players more skillful?

MS Dhoni would walk away at the right time leaving others unfazed.

Even when we have lost, we have not been outplayed. The matches have been close. Statistics or the law of averages suggest that it is one or two departments where in India needs to improve. We lack a potential fast bowler who can turn the tides. We have to learn to save the singles in large grounds. We need a finisher who can step out and fire all cylinders.

We were well short of the above-mentioned parameters in the ODI series. In came Jasprit Bumrah, Raina and Yuvraj Singh and a few set of problems got solved. We got a part-time bowler who can quickly sneak in a few overs and even get rid of a few Aussies.

We got a pace bowler who can bowl sharp bouncers at the death. We got a finisher who can take head shots in the dying moments of the game. MS Dhoni and his captaincy did not change. He was constant. This is the logic which even 10-year-old kids can grasp and deliver in their exam papers. Poor critics, I just wished you added a bit more on the academics.

Who are we blaming? What did the Indian team have to show before his era? Just a world cup, that too when most of us did not exist. World Cups came and went and we kept feeling orgasmic for a short timestamp by seeing Kapil Dev lifting the cup. The media guys had their work cut out. They prepared a clip and ran it all over from 1987 to 2007.

This man under whose captaincy we have won two World Cups, a champions trophy and what not. He took us to Number Uno in all formats of the game at some point in his career. He bloody nailed down the impossible time and again.

People criticize him for his hitting prowess going down. Repeat the T20 games against Australia and loop it a thousand times over. I hope you would gain some sanity.

You all are asking him to leave. A person who by chance is the only captain who had retired at his own will. Get a life folks – you have the best man in the business. Learn to relish and applaud people who have put in their heart and soul. You never know when they walk away quietly leaving you in a state of mayhem.

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