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David Warner launches Twitter manhunt for stolen bat

5.28K   //    20 Jan 2016, 13:38 IST
David Warner really missed that bat

In the good old days all a thief had to do to disappear was shake off the cops and cover his or her trail. In the age of social media however, elusiveness proves to be a tad more elusive.

Back in the good old days Warner would have to get a sketch artist to draw up a image of the thief. Then he’d get it posted across town. If luck was on his side, someone may get back to him within a week. In today's day and age however all he needs to launch a manhuntwithin seconds is a smartphone.

Warner did find the bat but it turned out that the person in the photo wasn’t a thief. It must be disconcerting to have David Warner launching a Twitter wide manhunt against you. That is where Daniel Jennings found himself today because of a picture posted by his friend.

Jennings claimed that a friend told him to just pose with the bat at Lysterfield Cricket Club. He says he's never seen the bat since then. “(It) doesn’t worry me what (people on Twitter) have said. It’s more that David has accused me of stealing the bat and posted a photo of me without any evidence to prove I took it,” he said.  “I have no idea how that part of the story has come about. I wouldn’t mind an apology from him.” he added
It does seem a bit far fetched to term this as a defamation of character though. “David Warner is followed by millions of people across the world and that (I’m) disappointed that he has put up the photo and falsely accused me. It’s defamation of character.“ he said.
“All I did was get a photo with the bat because a friend said it was his.” he added.
Jennings' friend mentioned here is named Blair Neill. He had uploaded the photo of Jennings posing with the bat back on 6 December.
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