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Glenn Maxwell expresses unhappiness for not being considered a team man

2.52K   //    08 Feb 2015, 02:06 IST
Australian batsman Glenn Maxwell plays a shot for four runs during the tri-series one-day cricket final between England and Australia

Adelaide, Feb 7: Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell has expressed his unhappiness at being the subject of regular criticism and not being viewed as a team man aiming to helping Australia win the World Cup.

Maxwell has been dubbed "The Big Show" after receiving a lucrative Indian Premier League (IPL) contract in 2013, months after his international debut. He has often been criticised for having airs and a lackadaisical approach to his game.

"I like to think I'm quite laid back and I can cop criticism but sometimes it hits pretty close to home and you sometimes think it's a personal attack on you," the 26-year-old said Saturday.

Not a show-off: Maxwell

The power-hitting batsman said he remains committed to continue his good work and help Australia win the World Cup, starting Feb 14, at home.

"People are saying I'm an egocentric show-off who doesn't care for the team, sometimes that hurts and don't really understand that. For anyone who knows me I'm not like that at all."

"Every time I've ever played for whatever team I've always tried to win the game for the team and have the team's best interests at heart.

"Some people might not think so. Some people might think that all the different shots are me trying to stand out which is complete rubbish and that's the hardest thing to deal with I think.”

His flamboyant batting has attracted considerable criticism with former skipper Kim Hughes dubbing his Test performance against Pakistan last year as "diabolical".

"When people have a crack at you for being something different, apart from the team. I don't want to be known as 'Big Show' or anything like that.

I just want to be known as an integral part of Australian cricket that's hopefully going to take us to a World Cup," Maxwell said in his defence.

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