Harbhajan Singh trolls Rohit Sharma on Twitter, Yuvraj Singh joins in

Harbhajan Singh

The team spirit in the Indian cricket dressing room is currently at a crest – the youthful enthusiasm of people like Hardik Pandya and the wisdom of people like Yuvraj Singh are blending quite well at the moment.

In Vishakhapatnam for the 3rd T20I against Sri Lanka, the Indian team are carrying on their spirit of banter and good humour. Harbhajan Singh jokingly uploaded a picture of Rohit Sharma, with garlands all around him.

The garlands, assumably, were put around Rohit’s neck as he touched down in the city as part of the Indian team. However, the picture makes him look like a politician asking for votes, and Harbhajan took a dig at exactly this.

Yuvraj, who despite his seniority, remains the core of the funny bone in the Indian team, tweeted his approval at the joke:

India will lock horns with Sri Lanka in the decisive third T20I on Sunday and Rohit and Yuvraj will be two of the players on whom all eyes shall again be riveted.

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