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Here is how the Cricket World Cup Trophy got into shape

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Winning Captain's Press Conference - 2011 ICC World Cup
The coveted trophy will go into the tournament next year for cricket's grandest stage

The quadrennial 50-over Cricket World Cup has been the most coveted tournament in the history of world cricket. Isn't it? Well, you will be lying if you say no. Not only for the players but also for the cricket fanatics and pundits, the CWC (Cricket World Cup) remains the most followed tournament in the scheme of cricket. 

Have you ever wondered how much the CWC Trophy weighs or say how tall it is or most importantly how the trophy gets into shape? If yes, you are at the right platform because Sportskeeda will bring you the exact dimensions and the entire geometry of one of the most desirous trophies in the cricketing chronicle that is the World Cup Trophy. So let's begin:

 CWC Trophy - Dimensions

Australian Cricket Board Trophy Feature

The silverware weighs quite heavy. To be precise, the piece weighs 11 kilos which approximates to 24.25 pounds. A tad heavy right? The weight comes due to a strong hardwood base. Besides, the current CWC Trophy stands tall at around 650 mm. 

CWC Trophy - Geometry and Representation

Silver and gold are said to be the rudiment materials in shaping this beautiful piece. This trophy features a golden globe which is supported by three silver columns. The columns, shaped as stumps and bails, depicts the three central aspects of the gentlemen's game: batting, bowling, and fielding, while the golden globe characterizes a cricket ball, with its tilted seam representing axial tilt of the Earth. Moreover, the current dimensioning of the CWC Trophy originated in the 1999 World Cup. 

The actual piece is retained by the ICC in its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. However, a model, which is indistinguishable in all perspectives alone the inscription of the former champions, is presented to the triumphant team and continues to be in their possession. 

Trophy Director Steven Ottewill, and Design Manager Zoe Clarke's words on the CWC Trophy

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Let us now break the ice and talk how the trophy got into place. Recently, ICC released a demonstration of the scenes that go behind in making and developing this extraordinary piece. This demonstration embraces everything right from designing to manufacturing to engraving. 

In the demonstration, Steven Ottewill, the Trophy Director, and Zoe Clarke, its Design Manager, take us through how the piece got its shape.


"To be involved with the Cricket World Cup, to help bring the piece to fruition, is a real privilege for a manufacturer, a British manufacturer as well," says Ottewill in the demonstration video released by ICC.

"The piece weighs about 11 kilos. Its height is 650mm tall. The base is a hardwood base – with any concept trophy, we have to render, draw to scale. We either draw freehand or pen work. That’s the starting point."

"It’s not just a matter of drawing it out. There are a lot of calculations behind it. It’s a lot of responsibility," remarks Clarke. "You need to be artistic, and try to produce a nice, organic looking design. But then you need to also have the math behind to work out how it’s being made, and to the drawings," maintains Clarke in the video. 

Here is the entire video released by the cricket governing entity, ICC.

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