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How famous Indian cricketers met their life partners

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As much as cricket and cricketers are famous in India, the wives of the cricketers are also highly popular. Anushka, Sakshi, Ritika, etc. are amongst the most popular wives in the present scenario. But, do you know how these beautiful women happened to meet those cricketers as their life partner?

Let us take a look at some famous love stories and incidents that brought cricketers and their wives together:

#5 Rohit Sharma & Ritika Sajdeh

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The love story between Indian star cricketer Rohit Sharma and his soulmate Ritika Sajdeh is no less than a romantic film. Before tieing the knots with each other, they were familiar with each other for six years. Ritika was a sports event manager and worked as Rohit's cricket manager as well.

Ritika, who's also Yuvi's rakhi sister, used to meet with Rohit Sharma a lot, initially as professionals and later as best friends. The two friends fell in love with each other and promised to be partners for life.

How could the marriage take place without the proposal? Well, don't worry. Rohit won the heart of Ritika by a grand proposal in Borivali Sports Club, Mumbai, the same ground where Rohit started his cricketing journey at the age of 11. Rohit went down on his knees with a solitaire ring in his hand and proposed his ladylove. Ritika, in amazement, accepted Rohit's proposal

Rohit and Ritika took their vows on 3 June 2015. Rohit shared his engagement news through a tweet on 2 May 2018, one month before marrying each other.

#4 Shikhar Dhawan and Ayesha Mukherjee

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What if I tell you that the two glamours, Shikhar Dhawan and Ayesha Mukherjee, met with each other through Facebook? Surprising right?


Shikhar and Ayesha have had a unique love story. Ayesha is an Anglo-Indian kickboxer and a sports fanatic, who was born in India but later migrated to Australia. Before marrying with Dhawan, she tied knots with an Australian businessman but divorced later.

The biggest role in bringing this two soulmates together was played by Harbhajan Singh. Actually, Harbhajan Singh was a mutual friend to both Ayesha and Dhawan on Facebook. When Dhawan came across Ayesha's Facebook profile, he was mesmerized with Ayesha's beauty and charm. Thus, he sent her a friend request, which she accepted. They started chatting on Facebook and their Hi's and Hello's soon turned into a relationship.

However, Ayesha had the challenge of raising her two kids after divorcing with the Australian businessman. Still, Dhawan was ready to be a nice companion to her and father to her children, in order to establish a successful partnership for life.

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Although they engaged back in 2009, Dhawan decided to marry after establishing himself as a successful cricketer. The two charms finally hitched in 2012. Ayesha gave birth to Zoravar Dhawan in 2014. Due to the supportive role played by Dhawan's mother, the love story of Dhawan and Ayesha has been a successful, admirable and inspiring one.

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