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How Ravindra Jadeja first saw his fiancee on Whatsapp

21.66K   //    12 Feb 2016, 11:46 IST
Ravindra Jadeja and fiancee Reeva Solanki

It is a safe assumption that a cricketer's wife would usually be a tremendous fan of the sport. In many cases a player meets his life partner thanks in part to his playing prowess and the name he has earned playing the sport.

In some other cases, one sees a cricketer marry a childhood sweetheart who has followed his journey from the early days. In a strange twist of fate, Ravindra Jadeja's fiancee wasn't really a fan of the sport until she met him. 

She would, in fact, rush to the other room when her family turned on the television to watch a cricket match.

Speaking to Mid-Day, Jadeja's fiancee Reeva Solanki said, "I was never interested in cricket before Ravindra came into my life. But that's in the past. I now go to matches to watch Ravindra playing. I have also started following the game closely,"

She also spoke about Ravindra Jadeja as a person, stating that his kind nature is one of his best qualities. She said, "Ravindra looks tough from outside, but he's actually very soft and kind-hearted. He is crazy about horses and dogs. In his free time, he spends maximum time at his farm house with the animals. Good natured people are generally animal lovers. He may be an introvert, but he cherishes his time with friends and family,"

Jadeja actually saw his wife-to-be for the first time on Whatsapp. He said that his sister Nayna showed him a picture of Reeva through a WhatsApp message. For Jadeja, it was love at first sight. He said, "Just by the look of it, you understand if that person can be your life partner. When I first saw Reeva's photograph, I felt this is the person with whom I want to spend my entire life with," 

Jadeja had been looking for a life partner in his community, going by family tradition. He and his family had been looking for around eight months before they met the Solankis.

Jadeja calls his fiancee 'Luck', as just after they got engaged, Jadeja found himself included in the ICC T20 and Asia Cup squad. His 'Luck' will not be traveling with him for his matches, though. She is set to prepare for the UPSC exam. She's said "There will be ample time to go for matches after the exams," 

This is indeed a fairytale in the making. 

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