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India predicted to win ICC U-19 World Cup final against West Indies

Scientific astrologer Greenstone Lobo predicts India to be the winner of the 2016 ICC U-19 World Cup final.

Feature 13 Feb 2016, 17:23 IST
Coach Rahul Dravid with key player Sarfaraz Khan and Rishabh Pant

The Valentine’s Day battle between the Indian and West Indian Colts in the finals of the ICC Under-19 World cup wouldn’t be all about love for sure. This is a repeat of the 1983 classic when Kapil’s Devils, the underdogs put it across the Goliaths of the game and snatched a historic victory for India.

Following a role reversal, the India U-19 side find themselves in the position of strength and the West Indians are the underdogs in the U-19 World Cup final in 2016. Can there be an upset of sorts? If it does so happen, it can be very romantic if you are a West Indian supporter but can be truly heart-breaking if you are an Indian supporter.

What do the planets say?

India, astrologically too, is the strongest team of the tournament. If one needs to evaluate the chances of who would win a tournament of such magnitude, the competing captains’ horoscopes assume prime importance. Indian captain Ishan Kishan has a superlative horoscope for sure compared to his West Indian counterpart Shimron Hetmyer.

Ishan has Pluto in its own house, Planet-X (Asteroid 2007 RH 283) in exaltation (Exaltation is a point where a planet reaches its strongest position) and Planet-Y (Asteroid 1999 JV127) in its own house too. Besides he also has Venus and Mars in conjunction (in the same zodiac sign) which is a fantastic combination for any sports achiever. Ishan’s team mates including Rishabh Pant, Sarfaraz Khan, Armaan Jaffer, Washington Sundar too have good enough horoscopes to win the World Cup, with Sarfaraz Khan having a big chance to be the player of the tournament. 

On the other hand, Shimron Hetmyer, the West Indian captain doesn’t have the required planetary positions to win the World Cup. He just has Pluto and Planet-Y in their own houses while the West Indian coach Graeme West was born under the inauspicious amavasya (Moonless night), which would mar his efforts to guide his team to glory.

In all, most astrological factors point towards a fourth Under-19 World Cup title for India. There would be no upsets of sorts; the all conquering Indian team lead by Ishan Kishan will prevail in the final battle too!

Watch out…this match would have a long term impact too. This team would throw up atleast 5 players who would go on to play for India and a couple of them would even become legendary cricketers! Speaking of legends, Rahul Dravid, who didn’t win the World Cup in his illustrious career, will make up for it as a coach.

Greenstone Lobo is a research based, modern, scientific astrologer and has special interests in sports predictions. He is the author of the book, ‘What Is Your True Zodiac Sign?’ You can follow him on Twitter here – @greenstonelobo

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