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Indian Cricket: In a state of decline

1.01K   //    28 Nov 2012, 11:16 IST

The flag not flying anymore?


There is some bit of cowardice when Virat Kohli sledges in England that “come to India, we’ll see you.” It’s more than just retrograde when Dhoni asks pitches to be turning from Day One of a Test match.

The whole thing is coming down. It’s reminiscent of  90′s. The Atul Bedade decade. Somehow, when the Fab Four are gone, it seems that last 10-12 years did not happen at all. We are still stuck in 1995 with Ajay Jadejas and Robin Singhs.

Oz have rebuilt. Did you notice. I had always thought they will. There are back sooner than anyone expected them to be.

Here, we are trying to pick up the split milk. Dhoni has got to go. I don’t know how it sounds to you, but if you want a revival, if you want India to be respected overseas, Dhoni has got to go. The kind of things he talks, the game he has, we are never going to be good enough overseas.

We can’t even go back to 90′s. Other teams have improved. England got KP for Hick. English spinners are better than India spinners.

Forget it, currently we are headed for a gloom. Currently, the way the set-up is, Dhoni is a power-monger. Inexperienced batting lineup. Umesh Yadav is the only bowling hope we have.

It does not look good. At best, we’ll win  a few home series. And sitting ducks overseas. I don’t like the thought. It’s just not consistent with the image of Indian cricket that was (notice the past tense, it no longer exists) built with a generation of players like Sehwag, the Fab Four, Zak and Bhajji. All look like spent forces.

If you think I am writing an obituary, certainly it is. Currently, on a long term basis, we are headed for decline. Not because of the transition, but because of the set-up  Despite all of the losses, Dhoni is still the captain. Occasional wins will be there. But, India doesn’t get better from here.

Now, after the mourning, about the series. We are 1-1. Sehwag fires, India win the match. I still think its unlikely for India to lose the series. A day or two in the third Test, we’ll know where the series stands.

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