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Jimmy Neesham tweets Kanpur roads are like Donald Trump

New Zealand's Jimmy Neesham comments on the poor condition of Indian roads.

Jimmy Neesham has always been a very entertaining person on Twitter

New Zealand cricketer Jimmy Neesham tweeted the following after their first Test match of the series with India that took place in Kanpur.

He might have meant that the roads were dense, or that they were as dysfunctional as the Presidential candidate, but coming on the back of Donal Trump’s resounding humiliation in the first Presidential debate held yesterday, Neesham’s point reached home.

India defeated West Indies in their last Test series in the Caribbean Islands just last Month. New Zealand is now in the middle of their India test tour, having lost their first Test match in the three-match series. The first match took place at the Green Park stadium in Kanpur concluded on Monday, after which Jimmy Neesham of New Zealand team tweeted that if Kanpur roads were to be a person, it would be Donald Trump.

Arguably the most well-known presidential candidate of this year’s elections in the United States, Donald Trump has gotten a lot of hate from the public although that’s not the only opinion about him that people have. Still many believe that Trump is the worst thing to happen to American politics and Trump’s bash words and outlandish statements like having Mexico pay for a wall the Americans will use to solidify their southern borders have only fueled that fire.

Yesterday also saw the first ever Presidential Debate which included the two current Presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. In the midst of this, to have a cricketer from New Zealand compare the condition of the roads in one of India’s slightly backward Cities to the internet sensation that is Donald Trump has only fanned some fires.

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