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Lou Vincent may be killed for his admission - Andre Adams

4.97K   //    21 May 2014, 11:15 IST
Lou Vincent

Former New Zealand player Andre Adams has stated that he is fearing for Lou Vincent’s safety, who according to him made a bad choice in his career which he will be regretting now. The medium pacer was quoted saying: "It's scary for me, I don't want to wake up one day and hear that my mate's gone because he's made some bad choices," Adams told Radio Sport.

"He's not a murderer, he hasn't killed anyone. Of course, I worry about his safety. The hardest thing about this is he's made bad decisions but he's actually a really wonderful person. He'll be hating himself for the decisions that he's made," added Adams after Lou Vincent’s admission regarding the spot-fixing controversy that is grabbing the headlines these days after Brendon McCullum too came out voluntarily to give more information to ICC which somehow was leaked out by the media.  

Andre Adams also was critical against Iain O'Brien – the retired Kiwi fast bowler turned cricket analyst, who wrote in his column for Britain's Daily Telegraph, that he had been suspicious about Vincent for a long time. O'Brien accused Vincent as "a fixer, a cheat and many more unprintable things," when he was playing in the Indian Cricket League.

"I don't think it's very brave to say them after the fact that it's come out," Adams claimed. "If you had those suspicions, why didn't you say it and put your neck on the line rather than coming out and slaying someone while they're down. I found that very weak and a kick in the guts. If he thought Lou was a fixer then why didn't he say that before?"

The admission from Vincent came as a shock when he was quoted saying that he knew that as many as 12 games were fixed which includes the games involving Auckland Aces at the Champions League 2012 held in South Africa. The Black Cap who played alongside Vincent in the tournament has mentioned that a batsmanis a relatively easier target for the bad people. 

"I'm not saying that's an excuse, but having a mental health issue probably made him a pretty soft target."

Adams, was quoted in the interview conducted by the ICC's anti-corruption unit, calling Vincent as "bottom feeder" of a match-fixing operation.

"It's the scenario of someone taking drugs, isn't it? The person who is holding the drugs at the time gets prosecuted but inevitably they want to look higher and they want to look at the drug dealers and the importers. In this scenario, for want of a better term, Lou is probably the bottom feeder. There's obviously going to be players higher than him, people who are very powerful and have a lot of money," Adams concluded.

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