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Mel Mclaughlin under fire for asking Mark Waugh out for a drink on air

48.85K   //    19 Jan 2016, 11:39 IST
The two instances of being asked out on air are being debated.

Mel Mclaughlin has come under fire on social media for her comments made on air. After Melbourne Renegades and Adelaide Strikers faced off in the Big Bash League, she was on a panel with Mark Waugh and Kevin Pietersen.

She made a verbal gaffe by referring to Mark Waugh as Damien Fleming, which already made things awkward. But she then made it worse by by saying, "I'll buy you a drink later."
Users of social media went ballistic at what they perceived as a double standard on her part. Recently, she was in the spotlight after Chris Gayle asked her out during an interview. He asked her out for a drink and said, "Don't blush, baby.”
It must be said, however, that the context was different, as Chris Gayle was being interviewed by her in one case and in the other case it was a case of two people conversing on a panel.
Some did step out to support McLaughlin by insinuating that the two instances are different.

Some users even asked for a fine for Mel McLaughlin for asking a fellow on a panel out for a drink. Chris Gayle was fined $10,000 by the Big Bash League by Melbourne Renegades for the comments he made to Mel McLaughlin.

Chris Gayle had found himself in hot water for what some deem to be a similar situation which he manufactured. After that incident, other journalists came out in support of Mel McLaughlin, and female journalists bemoaned the fact that their workplace is subject to harrassment.

Ian Chappell asked for a worldwide ban on Chris Gayle, saying, "How are you going to stop it otherwise?”

But there were voices on the other side of the fence too. Mandira Bedi came out in favour of Chris Gayle saying that while she did not endorse his actions, she felt that a worldwide ban may be too extreme.

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