A comprehensive breakdown of the top Ontario sports betting sites

A breakdown of the top sports betting websites in Ontario
A breakdown of the top sports betting websites in Ontario

Betting laws in Ontario have changed as of April 2022, and fully legal and regulated gambling is starting to boom. Ontario is the first province in Canada to create a licensing system and open the door to major gambling companies, and the latter have responded in a major way.

Legacy as well as newer operators are getting licensed within Ontario, bringing fully legal, government-regulated betting to the people. With several different major sites having joined the fray, Ontarians now have more sports betting options than ever.

Let's look at some of the best sports betting sites for Ontarians and what these changes might mean for the industry.

Best Ontario betting sites

With the arrival of iGaming, the average Ontarian now has access to a massive number of betting sites, some new and some old. If you are looking to get in on the action, you will have an array of options to choose from. Here are some of the best sports betting sites available right now for bettors in Ontario.

1. Sports Interaction: An old classic Canadian sportsbook with a top-notch design

Sports Interaction sportsbook
Sports Interaction sportsbook

About: Sports Interaction is a unique case in that it has been operating out of Canada for decades. It is a sportsbook made by Canadians for Canadians, run by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Sports Interaction is beloved by Canadians across the country due to its great layout, intuitive design, and a sportsbook custom-built to provide Canadians with a great experience. They offer markets and bets built towards the sports-watching preferences of your average Canuck. It is a great place to bet on sports in Ontario.

Features: Live Betting, Player Props, Big Offers

Apps: Mobile-optimized website

Deposit Methods: Debit (Visa/MasterCard), Interac, ecoPayz, MuchBetter

2. PowerPlay: A global sportsbook with massive sports coverage and a great website

PowerPlay sportsbook
PowerPlay sportsbook

About: If you are a sports bettor, having an array of options is likely one of the top things on your list when it comes to betting sites. If that’s the case, you will love PowerPlay. PowerPlay is a massive sportsbook with excellent coverage of leagues around the world. They have rapid deposits, numerous deposit methods, fun sportsbook offers, and more. They have grown to become one of the most recognizable sportsbooks in the world, and they have a major presence in Canada as well. Their website has a standout design and color scheme that makes it clear and easy to use, and getting your account up and running is a process that can be done in no time at all.

Features: Live Betting, Instant Deposits, Virtual Sports, Specials

Apps: Mobile-optimized Website

Deposit Methods: Visa/MasterCard, Interac, Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum), Skrill

3. Betway: A juggernaut of a company known for great features and an amazing app

Betway - an industry giant
Betway - an industry giant

About: Betway is one of the biggest names in the industry, and Canadians have been enjoying it for years now. Betway has been up and running for almost 20 years, and in that time, it has become a global sensation. If you’re wondering what stands out about it, there are several things. For one, it has an intuitive layout and a classic design. But what makes it a favorite for many Canadians are their great features, like boosted odds and bet builders. Betway also has one of the best mobile apps available, so those looking to bet on the go are in luck. It is a huge sportsbook that has earned its position as a top sports betting option for Ontarians.

Features: Boosted Odds, Live Betting, Bet Builder, Cash Out

Apps: Available for iOS and Android

Deposit Methods: Visa/MasterCard, Interac, ecoPayz, NeoSurf

How to bet on Ontario’s betting sites

If the recent rule changes, which we will cover in more detail below, have got you ready to start betting anew, we have got you covered. Here’s a quick step-by-step breakdown of how you can start your sports betting journey in Ontario.

Step One: Pick a website. Choose one with the features and experiences that suit you best.

Step Two: Open an account. This is a process that requires personal information but takes no more than five minutes.

Step Three: Make your first deposit. Most sportsbooks offer an array of payment methods, from Visa to cryptocurrency, so you can pick the one that works best for you.

Step Four: Place your first bet. Once you have money in your account, you can start betting. Find a game you want to gamble on, and get to it!

How to choose the right betting site:

Finding the best sports betting sites in Ontario that you will start betting with is a critical part of the process. There is no limit to the number of sites you can sign up for, so if you don’t like the site, it is not the end of the world. However, it is important that you research the sportsbook to find one that clicks with you. Let’s look at some crucial things to consider before you get started.

  • Ontario license: An Ontario license is not a must, as sportsbooks can still operate effectively in Canada and Ontario without one. However, it is certainly nice to have. It shows a sportsbook is regulated and overseen according to Canadian law.
  • Mobile app: Not many sportsbooks offer mobile apps, but for the ones that do, it is a great feature for bettors. A mobile app allows you to download and store a mobile version of the desktop site and take it with you on your smartphone. It allows bettors to place bets on the go and makes gambling more accessible.
  • Array of markets: Markets are the actual things bettors place bets on, and each sportsbook has different ones available. Having a lot of markets is something that is important to most bettors. While every website will have the basic markets like Moneyline, markets like Player Props are also important for sportsbooks to offer.
  • Top-notch user experience: The user experience is everything at the end of the day. This is composed of a lot of different things. One of the important ones is the website design and layout. Does it look good and function intuitively? This is a must. Also, great customer support is crucial for a sportsbook to provide. The more effort they put into the customer experience, the better it is.
  • Betting Options: With betting options, we aren’t just talking about markets here. How are sportsbooks adding to your experience? One thing many sportsbooks will do is a Bet Builder. This allows users to create custom same-game parlays that are wildly enjoyable. Another example would be boosted odds, which are a feature that takes markets and makes the odds more bettor-friendly.


Here are some of the markets most commonly enjoyed across Ontario:

  • Moneyline: A Moneyline bet is a bet on the final outcome of a game. If you pick the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on the Moneyline, you’ve picked them to win.
  • Point Spread: The Point Spread is the projected differential in favor of one team. You can bet for that spread, meaning the team will win by that projected amount or more, or against the spread, meaning they will lose or win by less than the amount.
  • Total: The total is a line that represents the combined number of points/goals/runs between both teams at the end of a game. Bettors can bet the over that more points will be scored, or the under, that less.
  • Outright: Outrights are long-term bets that take place over a season or playoffs. An instance of this would be betting the Raptors to win the NBA Championship or Auston Matthews to lead the NHL in scoring.
  • Game Prop: A Game Prop is a bet on an outcome within a game that may not tie to the final score. It can be something like how many three-pointers the Raptors will hit in a game, whether the Senators will be losing after the first period, and more.
  • Player Prop: A Player Prop is like a game prop but for individuals rather than teams. It is based on player performance, so it could be something like, will Josh Norris score a goal, how many points will Gary Trent Jr. have, and so on.

Betting legality in Ontario

The gambling industry has been moving at a million miles a minute lately, and keeping up with it all has been difficult. If you are uncertain about the state of betting’s legality, you are not alone. Let’s dive into whether or not betting is legal in Ontario right now.

After Bill C-218, the Canadian federal government put the decision to legalize and regulate gambling in the hands of the provinces. Ontario was the first of the provinces to jump at the opportunity, and as of April 4th, the iGaming system hit the market.

iGaming Ontario, a subsidiary of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is Ontario’s online betting regulatory agency, which companies file to become fully licensed with. What this means is that sports betting in Ontario is no longer a legal gray area. It is fully legal and taxed by the Ontario government.

Not all bookmakers will receive iGaming Ontario licenses, although many have already. For those that don’t receive their iGaming Ontario license, not too much will change. It will still be legal to bet with offshore sportsbooks that are licensed and regulated elsewhere. However, there are certain fairness and safety standards that iGaming Ontario ensures companies are upheld to, and that will impact many bettors' decisions.

Who is eligible for a license?

Eligibility will not be too hard to attain for betting sites. Essentially, there are several steps that gambling companies must undertake in order to gain a license from iGaming Ontario and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

While we won’t bore you with all the details, there are some rigid rules and qualifications that brands must meet. Games and systems must be Independent Testing Laboratory certified, in addition to having control activities implemented to comply with rules and regulatory reporting. There are also money-laundering rules and security regulations.

In short, companies must comply with rigid rules and regulations that ensure fairness and safety for bettors. This is great for the average Ontarian because when you use an iGaming Ontario certified site, you are now sure that it is safe, fair, and fully overseen by Canadian authorities.

Who will be able to bet?

Not much has changed in this regard due to iGaming Ontario. Even when the body was not overseeing the industry, people under the legal gambling age in Ontario were not allowed to bet on offshore booking sites that serviced Canadians.

Essentially, anyone that is above the legal online betting age of 19 can place bets on an iGaming Ontario regulated website or an offshore sports betting website. If you are using an iGaming Ontario regulated website, that means you are based in Ontario.

Answering your questions about Ontario's betting sites

Sports betting in Ontario has had a lot of recent changes, so many might have questions. Luckily, we’ve got answers! Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Ontario's betting sites.

  • Is it fully legal to place single-game bets in Ontario?

Yes! These changes have ensured there is no legal gray area. It is fully legal to place your bets in Ontario.

  • Does a site have to be licensed in Ontario for me to use it?

No. Some major sportsbooks like Betway have not announced plans to get licensed in Ontario, but that does not make them off-limits to bettors. There are just certain upsides to a regulated site.

  • What does it mean for me if a site is licensed?

If a sportsbook is licensed, that means that you should have a higher degree of trust in it. Ontario regulations are stringent, so in the case of sportsbooks having a license from iGaming Ontario, it means they are secure and will protect your info and offer fair play.

  • Does it change the revenue I receive now that betting is government regulated?

No! This isn’t something that will impact taxes for Ontarians, as betting winnings are not taxable unless they are your professional income. The government will get revenue from sportsbooks, not from users.

  • Will more sportsbooks now enter Ontario?

Yes! An array of new sportsbooks are poised to enter Ontario because of these new rules, with BetMGM and FanDuel having already launched, and DraftKings and many more on the way.

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