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An Open Letter to MS Dhoni fearing that he might have played his last ODI

49.92K   //    24 Jan 2016, 09:24 IST
MS Dhoni in action for India in the Sydney ODI

Dear MS Dhoni,

Respect and Greetings!

I bow down to you for the kind of prodigy you have been for Indian cricket. I pen this nth letter addressed to you with teary eyes realizing and fearing the fact that we might have seen you for the last time in the 50 over format. Hopefully, I would want this letter to be termed as senseless and as something written in a sudden rush of blood three months down the line. For now, with the kind of fan I have been, instincts prove that the T20 world cup would be your last.

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People have termed you as spent. Critics have termed you as wasted. The Indian legends have time and again asked you to step down as the skipper in the limited overs format. I would waste no unit of time counter attacking these folks because I have spent thousands of minutes ripping apart these set of folks speaking against you. To the critics I would say, what Virat said to Faulkner a few days ago – “I have smashed you enough in my life. There is no point”.

Mahi you have made me live my life your way. I have been termed as crazy and mad with the kind of worship I put towards you. Do I care? No.

A teacher of skills that go beyond the cricket field

You have taught me how to handle life and take it as it comes. The scoop over the cover or the forced brutal helicopter – these have embedded footprints in the sands of time. As you stood motionless with your eyes still watching the ball sail over the ropes in the year 2011, millions across the globe got a chance to live their dreams. I have tried to ape every single bit of yours - attempting to drink litres of milk, or keeping the long locks. Of Course, I have failed. People will remember for your leadership skills, the hitting prowess. I would also remember you for a few instances which would go unnoticed –

    1. Allowing Virat to hit the winning runs in the world t20
    1. Rushing in Manish Pandey and asking him to cross over in the final ODI in the VB series

It would be too mainstream if I fill in this piece with your achievements. Many have done it and they would continue to do so in the future. Your hitting abilities might have gone down; your captaincy might have been under scanner but you have stood upfront taking bullets.”I take responsibility for not finishing this game” – these words prove that you are a legend. You deviated the sword away from the likes of Rishi Dhawan and Gurkeerat Singh who showed lack of temperament by failing to finish it off in Canberra, This shows how you have been all through your life.

You have shown belief in guys like Rohit Sharma or a Shikhar Dhawan. These guys had been written off by every single person in this world who take out some time for cricket. You stood by them and here we are seeing their form.

To not see an overseas series victory for a long time under you does make things a bit gloomy. But that is OK Mahi, you have been a rock star all through your life and you have given enough to Indian cricket. Things could have sometimes been done in a better way but let it be. I know that you can end it where it all started. You will lift up the second World T20 cup a few months down the line and will walk away quietly keeping others unfazed.

You are that kind of a person who would never pick up a microphone in your life to criticize or voice opinions if things go haywire in the future. You would be that back room guy who would see the team through by keeping the things under the wraps.

Reading your expressions and your body language in every match acts as a learning curve for many. It teaches skills which go way beyond cricket. Thank you for being the way you have been.

Thanks a ton for holding the fortress upright for so many years. Thanks a ton for etching a few golden years in my life. 

Yours Truly,

A fan till my last breath

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