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The transformation of Rohit Sharma from a lecturer to a tenured professor

8.14K   //    25 Feb 2016, 16:58 IST
He gave his everything to be counted as a top class player

Rohit Sharma had tons and tons of talent, the only thing, it was on paper and was not producing any damage to the opposition. Talent is a great resource but it’s of no use if it fails consistently, precocity has to hurt the opposition and explode to do good around the person who possess it, in the last couple of years this dynamite has exploded and started to hurt the opposition.

From the time Rohit has struck the unimaginable of 264, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved, his dynamite of talent has exploded and today without an iota of doubt, it has started to inflict damage at the opposition.

Rohit has gone to dominate the game like never before

This great feat was followed by a determined World Cup campaign, where he batted like a river flowing around obstacles and turning out the 137 against Bangladesh, with an exception of consistency personified, which was never his virtue. Today proudly, Rohit can count this as the biggest virtue he possesses.

In the first match of the Asia Cup, India were in trouble with the loss of 3 early wickets and the pitch was looking to have some movement, and with green fodder on it, it was a very unlikely pitch for the subcontinent.

Bangladesh also had the success which they wanted but, only for Rohit Sharma who had other plans, suddenly the explosion came through and the score which looked at 125, moved up to 166, the last 10 overs was pure joy, and Rohit Sharma was responsible for that joy. The explosion has been more powerful than a volcano, where Rohit has gone to dominate the game like never before, his stroke play is languid, his mind determined and his authority second to none in the limited overs format.

The explosion of a dynamite can’t bring joy at least to spectators in a terror filled world, but Rohit has challenged that and today explosion can bring jubilance too, only and only if it happens to be the explosion of talent called Rohit Sharma.

He never gave up

Rohit’s ability to soak in pressure, fight the case like a doctor fighting to save his patient, find gaps like a precise surgeon has turned around the fortunes of the star batsman. The Indian selectors need to be congratulated here, there were murmurs that he has been given a long rope and agreed first six years of his career his stats were volatile and his test match narrative sad looking at his talent.

The most important part to note is, through the initial six years of his career he never gave up, tried his best, and kept improving, this speaks volumes of a player who has treated cricket as his godfather, and was willing to give his everything to be counted as the top class player which he was gifted to be.

Many top class talents have dwindled without exploding and that’s the sad part, because cricket and spectators would never know how brilliantly they could have exploded and how much joy they could have spread, all those people need to be held guilty in the court, as they betrayed the joyous moments to the normal crowd at large.

Rohit seems to have flirted with that, and quickly realized, that zone is death, and moved with his mind to fight and today he has acquitted himself successfully. He has justified every bit of the long rope, and made himself special in the process, adversity gets the best out of you and Rohit seems to have taken that very seriously.

The vital cog today is, he has conquered the devil in the limited overs format both One-day and Twenty20. Leading in the IPL has flourished him into marvelous reader of the game, hardly can you pick a rash shot, otherwise, the narrative in the limited overs was one superb looking cover drive and the next ball a mindless shot, which sent him back to the pavilion and the commentators stunned asking the same question -

When will Rohit Sharma play like what he is blessed with?

The talent was always there, the wiring was off, hence the ability to explode little impaired. When that wiring got fixed through a sane advice or sorting his own mind or even realizing that he was doing injustice to himself or leading in the IPL and winning that damn trophy in the first place, whatever the reason, as a sports lover the issue seems to be sorted.

Rohit Sharma has proved that over a period of last 2 years, he has progressed from a lecturer to a tenured Professor.

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