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Satire: Sehwag - Gambhir phone conversation

16.59K   //    08 Mar 2013, 16:18 IST

Indian cricketers Gautam Gambhir (C) and

Ringtone – *Korbo lorbo jeethbo re, korbo lorbo re, jeethbo re…*

Gauti: Oh hi, Viru. I heard the selectors dropped you too. We’ll fight this together, don’t worry.

Viru: That’s ok yaar. At least I can have nice Aloo Paranthas now sitting at home.

Gauti: Hmm, sahi hai. Now that you have so much of free time, what are you planning to do?

Viru: Need to get my eyes tested again bro. The spectacles didn’t seem to work at all.

Gauti: Well, yeah I noticed. Check with Dada once, the doctor had done wonders to his eyesight.

Viru: Haha. First I asked him to refer me to the doctor who gave him a hair treatment. Now this. Anyway, what are you upto?

Gauti: Just poking. My girlfriend. On Facebook. She’s outside.

Viru: So, let’s meet tomorrow at Kotla and get some practice before the IPL?


Gauti: I have a fairness cream ad to shoot with Shah Rukh tomorrow. Things I hate about the IPL.

Viru: Oh, that reminds me of the hair gel ad offer I found in my mailbox.

Gauti: Haha! They offered you a hair gel ad?

Viru: Yeah Gauti. I just rearranged my mails from ‘oldest to newest’ and that was the first unread mail I found. Dated January 2004.

Gauti: You and your sense of humour. Haha.

Viru: Where’s Yuvi these days? Let’s catch up for a drink and figure out a way to come back.

Gauti: We’ll book a taxi to come back. What’s there to figure out in that?

Viru: Abey! I’m talking about making a come back to the team. Not about coming back home after drinking.

Gauti: Oh. Didn’t pick that. The way I struggle to pick out-swingers.

Viru: There’s a voice inside me that asks me to retire on a high though.

Gauti: Of course, that’s why you need to make a comeback, right?

Viru: No, I meant, I’ve taken two good catches, India is leading the series 2-0, I didn’t get out for ducks in either of the two Test matches. So, this is a career high in Test cricket since the last two years perhaps. Why not retire now and walk with head held high?

Gauti: Retire and do what?

Viru: I will become a commentator.

Gauti: So, there will one thing common with all the Indian commentators on board then. Everybody needs hair transplant. You guys might get lucky and get a bulk offer. Haha! *cuts the call*

Viru: BC! Cut kardiya.

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