SK Epic Fail: Comedy of errors between David Miller and Faf du Plessis

Faf du plessis-david miller
Two batsmen at the same end!

In one of the biggest turning points of India’s match against South Africa today (June 11), a comedy of errors resulted in David Miller returning to the pavilion run-out, almost immediately after his captain got out in the same fashion.

When Ashwin bowled the first ball of his seventh over, the ball flew off Faf du Plessis’ bat to Jasprit Bumrah, who was standing at short thirdman. Du Plessis, who was at the striker’s end, committed to the run at first but decided otherwise after the fielder snatched the ball immediately.

Miller, who was already halfway down the pitch by then, could obviously do nothing other than keep running to the striker’s end. Eventually, both the players grounded their bats on the striker's end.

Dhoni, who was at the same end, called out to Virat Kohli immediately, who collected the throw and calmly took the bails off at the other end. It was Du Plessis whose bat crossed the line first, thereby rendering Miller out for a just a run scored off the three balls that he faced.

The Proteas were on the ropes having lost four of their biggest batsmen and two of them to run-outs. De Villiers’ dismissal was also handled in uber-cool fashion by the pair of Hardik Pandya and Dhoni.

Both the teams are facing off for a place in the semi-final and the loser will be knocked out of the tournament. Both the teams were touted to be the favourites to lift the trophy, but only one of the two can now go further

The Proteas have collapsed from 116-1 to 157-5 in a span of an hour and must rebuild fast to keep themselves alive in this competition.

The story in pictures:

Ashwin bowls
Pandya throws
Du Plessis dives to get back first
Kohli makes Miller take the long walk back to the pavilion!

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