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Team India – Do it right for heaven's sake!

1.70K   //    03 Jul 2013, 22:10 IST

Rohit Sharma of India

Miserable, rather very disappointing, from a team who gave us a mind blowing performance just a few days back. For many of the fans, now hoping for a miraculous performance by Team India, have suddenly becomes suspicious. But the theme today is precisely the over ambitious supporters and media.

When it comes to articles before any match to be played by India anywhere, seldom will you find a write up showing courage to accept clearly that the chances for India’s win are on the lower side. I have been following the related articles across various platforms, and found that most of them were pointing towards victory for India, in the match against Sri Lanka.

Well, the reason is very simple, most of us are having a purely emotional bonding with the game of cricket and come what may, we only like to see India winning. Here, I do not mean to say that our boys are not capable or Sri Lanka is a super power of the game, but the point at issue is the sentimental attachment of this cricket loving nation. No one is even ready to think of a defeat for India. So, many of the writers preferably try to serve what looks good.

Here in West Indies, the weather is playing a crucial role. Also, no one can simply rule out the very basic truth that our bowlers do not have much of experience outside India; especially on the tricky pitches of West Indies. Sri Lankan veteran batsmen Jayawardane, Matthews, Sangakkara and Tharanga are a solid batting order and their bowlers Malinga, Herath, Matthews and Kulasekera are a real threat for any batting lot. All Indian bowlers were hit for over 6 runs per over, and the match was lost there and then. To add to the misery, the batsmen could not even put up a fight.

The most relevant factor is that captain MS Dhoni is not there to lead the squad out of any complex situation. Dhoni, apart from being a very talented captain, always plays the very effective role of a wicketkeeper. His most valuable contribution is bailing out India in the need of hour through his sensible batting.

Virat Kohli, in comparison to Dhoni, has many areas to improve (practically, it is not even fair to compare both of them). First of all, every follower of the game knows that Kohli has an attitude of being highly aggressive person and he appears a little adamant (remember his arguments with senior Gambhir in this season’s IPL?).

As a captain you have got to adopt a cool approach, balanced temperament, and a practical way out. In the last match, Virat’s move of not bringing Yadav for dying overs did not work, and many still believe that applying Yadav would have been a much better option instead of Raina.

It is high time that one and all concerned, sit and think it out that on one hand we dream of landing another World Cup, and on the other hand, in a country of 1 billion, we don’t even have a good bench strength? This defeat has proved to be a major blow for die hard Indian fans, who are always there to support the team, be it any country in the world. I think they deserve more.

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