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The entire internet universe trolls Sir Ravindra Jadeja

Humor 01 Mar 2013, 23:18 IST
Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja (L) and

“You can use this to stop the ball from hitting the stumps. No, really, you can!”

Bhajji’s 100th Test, Bhajji’s optimism about playing his 150th Test, the spectacle over Sehwag’s spectacles, Ashiwin’s bowling performance, Clarke’s brilliant ton, Kohli’s ton, well of course Dhoni’s double ton, Watson playing as a special batsman, Bhuvneshwar Kumar also playing as a specialist batsman, consecutive sixes for Sachin, and the list goes on. The first Test between India and Australia will be remembered for a lot of reasons.

But there was one moment which stands out - Sir Ravindra Jadeja playing in his 2nd Test.

Pattinson, with three wickets to his name comes steaming in, and pitches it outside the off stump. Now, someone like Gambhir would have poked at the ball and would been caught at slips, but Jadeja was not going to commit that folly. He shouldered arms in a manner which would have made Dravid proud. When the ball hit timber, he was not going to disappoint the cameramen – he held the pose as a treat to them. He did not even look behind. There was a touch of panache about it.

Sir Jadeja has always defied norms. In his case, the famous saying can be tweaked as, “Cometh the man, cometh the hour”. When he does something spectacular, the world sees, and reacts. We have caught some of the reactions from the world of internet memes.

a_Y U NO

b_Conspiracy Keanu

c_cry lady




g_grumpy cat



j_NOOB granny




n_one does not simply


p_rebecca black


r_tell me more

s_you dont say


u_Success Kid


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