The first-ever international cricket match

Australia v England - Fifth Test: Day 5
Australia v England - Fifth Test: Day 5
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We all know that the firstever officially recognized test match was played between Australia and England on 15-19 March 1877 at MCG, which Australia won by 45 runs.

But do you really think, this was the first ever Cricket match played between 2 nations?

Think Again.

Although, it was the first ever officially recognized cricket match between two nations, as it also had Test status. However, it wasn't the first ever cricket match played between two nations.

The first ever cricket match between two countries was played between USA and Canada on 24-26 September 1844 at St George's Cricket Club in New York. Remarkably, it was not just the first ever international cricket match, but it was also the first ever international match of any sport.


The match took place at St George's CC at what is now 30th Street and Broadway (then Bloomingdales) in Manhattan. Spectators ranged from 5000 to 20000 on day one and an estimated $100,000 to $120,000 worth of bets were placed on the match.

USA Cricket team was represented by players drawn from clubs in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston and New York. Canadian Cricket team was represented by players drawn from Toronto CC, Guelph CC, and Upper Canada College Club.

The game was scheduled for two days but was extended to a third day because of rain on the second day. Canada eventually won the match by 23 runs.


Canada (1st Innings): 82 all out

Winckworth, Sharpe and Freeling: 12 runs each

Samuel Wright: 5 Wickets

USA (1st Innings): 64 all out

Robert Tinson: 14 runs

David Winckworth and Fred French: 4 wickets each

Canada (2nd Innings): 63 all out

David Winckworth: 14 runs

Henry Groom: 5 wickets

USA (2nd Innings): 58 all out

James Turner: 14 runs

George Sharpe: 6 wickets

RESULT: Canada won by 23 runs


Just like Anglo-Australian rivalry gave rise to Ashes, similarly, the American-Canadian cricket rivalry resulted in the Auty Cup.

This is known to be one of the biggest cricket rivalries among ICC's associate members. But due to the decline in the game's popularity in North America, and representation of the countries majorly by immigrants from cricket playing nations in recent times made the rivalry less exciting.

With the advent of baseball and ice hockey in USA and Canada respectively, the rivalry soon faded away.

Since there was no ICC back in 1844, this match was not recognized as an official Test match. Ironically neither USA nor Canada have managed to get the full membership.

The Canadian Cricket team has managed to qualify for World Cups in 1979, 2003, 2007 & 2011.

Canada v Pakistan: Group A - 2011 ICC World Cup
Canada v Pakistan: Group A - 2011 ICC World Cup

Whereas USA Cricket team has never qualified for a Cricket World Cup so far. But they did qualify for ICC Champions Trophy in 2004 which was their only appearance in a major tournament.

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