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Team India's meteoric rise

The Indian cricket team's rise in recent times can be attributed to the all-round development of the Indian players.

Feature 01 Mar 2018, 18:23 IST


India as a country is a cricket obsessed nation and the national cricket team has to carry the aspirations and expectations of this hugely obsessed nation on their shoulders. The onus is far too big for the cricketers to carry on the load of huge expectations of this cricket-frenzy nation throughout the entire season. Though off late, the Indian Cricket Team has got used to the grind of the modern game and they have lifted up the bar in aspects of consistency and thorough performance. In spite of, the successive departure of the legends of the game viz. Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman, it was hard to decipher who will fill the huge void that these three legends have left in the team. But, MS Dhoni with a beaming and energetic young side marched his troops to conquer uncharted territories and he did conquer many a territory.


Come 2014 and MS Dhoni abdicated his throne to someone able and enterprising and hence, the realm of the captaincy went to the charismatic Virat Kohli. Ever since attaining the charge of captaincy, Kohli has been on a record shattering spree, be it personal achievements or attaining supremacy as a team. Team India under Virat Kohli seemed to be under the spell of a magician who commanded his teammates with an invincible trait. In the bygone era the seniors were wielding most of the batons but, in the era under Virat Kohli the younger lot seems to have taken a penchant for wielding the batons and seeing their side home. Everyone in the current Indian Team has got a prominent role to play in their quest of attaining the number one rank in Test as well as One Day Internationals. The "never say die" attitude of the current breed of youngsters have instilled a new found aplomb in the team which is certainly infectious.


The rise of the Indian Cricket Team story will certainly be incomplete without the mention of the two coaches of the current Indian side viz. the batting coach Sanjay Bangar and the bowling coach Bharat Arun. The team has shown tremendous amount of improvement under their able guidance. Their cumulative effort has rendered results and Team India has transformed into a balanced batting and bowling unit and the icing on the cake is the ability of the bowling unit in winning matches for the team.

The show put up by the Indian bowlers in South Africa certainly shows the pedigree of this Indian bowling line up. With grit and perseverance in their arsenal, this Indian team now looks very balanced and pumped up to be a top contender for the upcoming World Cup. Let this rise be well bequeathed by Kohli's men.

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