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The Risk Worth Taking With Yuvraj Singh

Tim Holt
777   //    04 Jul 2011, 11:00 IST

Even being an onlooker you can’t help but be envious of Yuvraj Singh

For he’s the type of person that everyone has in their lives. The one that is blessed with so many natural gifts, but just chooses to coast. Then as you bemoan how you are picked up for every little thing, your anger escalates for you see the treatment he receive. Swearing he is made of teflon, for no matter what failure he has or attitude he displays. It never is stuck on him with him being made accountable

Considerably worse when your an Indian cricketer whose been consistently excellent for a long period. Only to be constantly overlooked. While you see Yuvraj Singh be exposed as lacking at Test level and failing over and over again. Only to be forgiven and ushered back into Team India post haste

Lucky India’s batsmen with sustained excellence in First Class Cricket or their precociously talented youth aren’t feeling a sense of victimisation by Yuvraj’s inclusion.

Or else the Indian Chief of Selectors Kris Srikkanth might be diverting calls to message bank due to the flurry of ‘please explains’ levelled at him. From the likes of Subramaniam Badrinath, Ajinkya Rahane and Virat Kohli amongst others

Though we can linger on the negative, but lets try to buy into the thoughts behind the inclusion of Yuvraj in the England Touring Squad

To find this you just have to revisit with the contentious Australian decisions of including Michael Bevan and Andrew Symonds in their Test Team. Based on what they had achieved in Odis, like in the manner of Yuvraj’s dominance in this game has facilitated his rise.

The transition from Odi star to Test capable is indeed a tough prospect and would arguably end in failure more than success.

Though the Aussie example supports taking the risk. For though Michael Bevan was found out as being wanting. Andrew Symonds translated from the intimidating force he was in Odis for Australia to being the same in Tests.

Symonds became the ultimate Xfactor in Test cricket, that would still be excelling now if not for his aversions to the disciplines needed in the game

In all regards Yuvraj mirrors Symonds, so it must be asked why cant he replicate the Aussies success?

He is a brutal stroke maker that is one of the purest hitters of a cricket ball the games seen. Then like Symonds a more than useful part time bowler.

The similarities don’t ended there with both Nations being criticised for them sticking by these two.

Such was the initial bemusement in Australia over Symonds role in the Team because of his failures with both bat and ball. That it lead to him to being joked about as being selected in the Team as a ‘specialist fieldsman’.

Yuvraj too has been marked with crickets ultimate ‘Mark of Cain’ in being labelled as a flat track bully.

Then as 2006 was at it’s end and indelibly from there on the critics on Symonds were silenced. A day at the Melbourne Cricket Ground saw him repay the faith in him and turn his obvious abundance of talent into performance.

So why can’t his Indian doppelganger of Symond in Yuvraj continue to be in his likeness. Where he just wakes up one morn and everything just clicks for him. Allowing him to pay homage to his talent and the belief shown in him and be what people envision that he can be

There is definitely an ‘if’ attached to it, but its worth taking the risk. Just on the strength of replacements waiting in the wings it supports it by there being little repercussions if it fails.

Then if it succeeds- could you imagine the regal batting line up that India already has being topped of by a marauding Yuvraj coming in at 6?

Ouch!….as a bowler you’d be feeling the back of your hamstring at the very thought of that!

Tim Holt
Cricket through the eyes of an Irishman. Do check out more on my blog <a href="">atouchofirishintheglobalvillage</a>
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