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Top 10 Science/Technology theories explained by Indian sports

Modified 16 Oct 2012
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Having to understand crazy mind-boggling theorems and laws during our pre-college and college times can get really hard and messy. To add to our woes, the style in which the foreign authors explain the laws makes it a journey through hell. For those who deem that learning through this mechanism is tough, let me make it a whole lot easier. Here’s a list of the 10 Science and Technology related topics which Indian sports have explained/taught us till date. On a broad level, “Indian sports” is usually restricted to cricket in most people’s mindset, and most of my points are directly influenced by it. Just observe the above statement and you’ll see that my first topic is …

10) Approximation: For many Indians, “Indian sports” is just cricket. Thus, if 1.01 can be approximated to 1, “Indian sports” can definitely be approximated to “cricket”.

9) Co-efficient of Friction: After looking at all the slipping, skidding, falling, crashing of our players and sometimes their F1 automobiles, the one thing we learn is that if a person slipped and fell, the only reason for it is a decreased co-efficient of friction.

8) Solvent Selectivity of Enzymes: Enzymes are known to work best in solvents in a small range of pH. Surprisingly, our Indian cricket team explains this phenomena by performing best only in home-grounds.

7) Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle: It states that it is impossible to perfectly estimate the momentum and position of a particle at the same time. So similar to our underdogs in athletics, basketball etc., it is near impossible to estimate the form and tactics of a player at the same time!

6) Discharge Characteristics of Capacitors: It is a simple equation that relates the voltage across the capacitor and the time elapsed. It states that as time progresses, the voltage across a capacitor decreases exponentially. Now, look at the senior players in the Indian hockey and cricket team. As time progressed, their form has decreased exponentially…

5) Inductive Effects (I Effect): In an organic compound, several substituents decrease the activity of carbon. Ads do the same to our sportsmen. What’s interesting? More the substituents, lesser the activity. More the ad contracts signed, lesser the performance on the field.

4) Oscillating Function: Ever seen India’s ranking in International cricket? It is like UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN. Isn’t it amazing how similar it is to an oscillating function?

3) Probability: I don’t know how many bookies learnt mixing up numbers and finding the odds against a team thanks to Indian sports.


2) Function of Several Variables: If a quantity depends on more than one independent quantity, it is said to be a function of several variables. The Duckworth – Louis Method (or D/L Method), for projecting a reduced score, uses your score, the wickets fallen, the batsmen on crease, over bowled and God knows what else! A classic example of a function of several variables.

The one which topped the list…. Wait for it..



1) Characteristics of Fluorescent Lamps: With fun written all over the above 9 topics, the focus now is on responsibility. The fluorescent lamp requires a higher voltage to light up than to go off. Indian sportsmen have taught us this by demonstrating that it takes a lifetime of hard work and dedication to reach the pinnacle and one wrong move to fall down from it.

Here are three more topics which could not make it to the list:

1) Doping Semiconductors: Doping semi-conductors with impurities make them efficient and enhances performance. So does doping in the case of sports-persons. I didn’t add this although the number of cases in India are reasonably high, as it seemed to be negative representation of our sportsmen on whose glory we bank.


2) Wave Particle Duality: A particle of matter can be a wave, a wave can be a particle of matter. This is the essence of Wave Particle Duality, well explained by our sport-stars who on one occasion are players while on the other are commercial ads actors. This did not make it to the list as it would be unfair on the part of our sportsmen not to take up ads.

3) Electro-Chemical Series: A metal with a higher reduction potential displaces one with a lower reduction potential. A player with poor performance is immediately replaced by an alternative player without allowing the player to improve. I did not add this in the top 10 because I did not want my article to go under the “NERDS ONLY” category.

After all the fun counting down, we must not forget that Indian sportsmen make us proud thanks to their dedication and hard work. This article was published for fun and does not intend to defame or degrade the reputation of India or Indian sports. Keep the sportsman spirit high and enjoy sporting.

Published 05 Oct 2012, 13:03 IST
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