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Top 5 fielders in the world right now

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Australia v Pakistan - 1st Test: Day 5
Australia's David Warner is a fielding all-rounder in addition to being a talented batsman

Following the steady rise of limited overs cricket, fielding is no longer a fringe skill for cricketers and it is highly unlikely that a cricketer who is a complete liability in the field will find many takers.

The reason for that is simple. Runs saved on the field often make a difference in tightly contested games and hence teams can't afford to leave runs on the field. Hence, the emergence of top-class fielders across cricket teams has been a natural consequence and nowadays almost all teams have a few fielders who are quite brilliant.

So let's take a look at the 5 fielders who set the benchmark as far as modern-day fielding is concerned.

5 David Warner

The Australian star's fielding is very much like his batting. Speed, strength and the eye for opportunity define him as a fielder. Warner is well and truly a fielding all-rounder, who can be equally effective at almost any position.

When he fields in the deeper positions, his ability to cover ground like a rugby player makes him one of the best boundary patrolling fielders in the world. Batsman has to place it really well if he has to get a four in his area.

In addition to that, he is a very safe catcher and although he is very athletic, he is not known for taking acrobatic catches.

Last but not the least, Warner has a very strong arm and sends in fast accurate throws from the deep that rules out the possibility of batsmen stealing runs due to poor throws. Warner's prowess as a fielder in the circle is equally effective but it is in the deeper areas where he truly comes alive. 

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