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Top five batsmen with fewest ODI innings per 100

Yash Mittal
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With the advent of T20 cricket, pitches have been getting generally flattened around the world. Due to this, one day cricket has gone a plethora of changes that have resulted in modern players scoring hundreds at a higher frequency than their predecessors.

One of the basic tenets of batsmanship is the ability to build on a start once a batsman gets in. However, truth be told, it is far from simple. It is this basic trait that separates a 'good' batsman from a 'great' one.

Virat Kohli, en-route to his 34th hundred epitomized the said principal to its hilt, as he provided an absolute masterclass in building his innings, especially after Shikhar Dhawan had needlessly thrown his wicket when he looked well on course to a hundred.

Today, let us look at the best conversion rates by batsmen with a minimum of eight hundreds.


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