Top secrets about Rahul Dravid shared by his fellow cricketers

Abhishek Bajiya

Rahul Dravid often regarded as "The Wall" is one of the greatest cricketers India ever produced. Dravid is one of the few cricketers with 10000+ runs in both Tests and ODIs. With a defence that is almost never penetrable, he also had a technique that was probably the most versatile and suited to all conditions - be it the rough tracks of the sub-continent or bouncy pitches of Australia. With a star-studded Indian lineup during the 2000s comprising of Sehwag, Sachin, Ganguly and Laxman, Dravid was the selfless warrior of the team and put the team ahead of everything. In fact, on being asked by Dada as to why Dravid was chosen as the wicket-keeper, the former skipper replied that Dravid took on the duty with the gloves to make sure that the team could play an extra batsman.

The Karnataka-born batting stalwart is considered a true gentleman of the game owing to his humble resolve both on and off the field. Jammy has managed to steal our hearts countless number of times courtesy of his calm and composed behaviour on the cricketing ground or the act of simplicity regardless of his celebrity status off it.

There were several instances where his fellow cricketers opened up about some secrets about Dravid which very few of us are aware. So, let's have a look at some of the cases.

#1 Kevin Pietersen: Rahul helped me play spin


Former English cricketer Kevin Pietersen revealed in his book KP: The Autobiography, how he received a letter from Rahul Dravid that helped him to counter spin. KP is one of the best batsman produced by England; he went on to score over 8000 Test runs in 104 Test matches. The incident happened when both KP and Dravid were part of the RCB franchise in the Indian Premier League in 2009 and 2010. Pietersen asked help from Dravid to play spin bowling to which Dravid graciously wrote a letter to KP suggesting tactics for improvement.

Here's the letter-


The methods suggested by The Wall certainly helped KP, and he piled a lot of runs in the spin-friendly conditions of the subcontinent.

#2 Virender Sehwag: Dravid threw a chair in the dressing room


Often regarded as an epitome of calmness, Dravid upheld the values of the game and seldom lost his cool. One can't imagine Dravid do something stupid in anger and certainly not throwing a chair in the dressing room.

But, he is a human at the end; and his wife Vijeta narrated an incident about Rahul where the cricketer was heard stating, "I shouldn't have done this. I lost my temper."

A few months later Virender Sehwag informed her about the chair throwing incident. The full incident took place during the home series against England in 2006, where India badly lost the first Test match and had to level the series. Dravid being the captain couldn't control his emotions as he merely fell for nine runs with team India bundled for only 100 runs.

#3 Sachin: I asked Rahul to leave me alone


MSachin Tendulkar and Dravid scored the most runs between two players in Test cricket; the duo scored over 6000 runs playing together. The two batting legends, one of whom has scored the most runs and the another has faced most number of deliveries in Test cricket, had a great partnership both on and off the cricket field.

But there was an incident where things went sour between the geniuses; it was a Test match in Multan, where Dravid declared the innings and called off Sachin who was just six runs short of his double ton. Sachin revealed how hurt he was from the incident in his autobiography: Playing It My Way. He even asked Dravid to leave him alone so that he could relieve his pain. However, the incident didn't alter the relations between the duo and both are good friends to date.

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