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Umesh is the first genuine fast bowler that India has got: Andy Roberts

2.68K   //    04 Jun 2015, 23:57 IST
Umesh has earned praise from the legendary West Indian

West Indian legend Andy Roberts has hailed Indian pacer Umesh Yadav as India’s first genuine fast bowler. Speaking to Press Trust of India, Roberts said that India has never had a genuine fast bowler before. He also wants him to be more aggressive in the future. 

"I am very impressed with Yadav," Roberts said. "He is the first genuine fast bowler that India has got. I don't think before him India had a genuine fast bowler. Another boy Shami is also good. But I want both of them to be a bit more aggressive. And when I mean aggressive, I don't mean one needs to swear."

Even though Javagal Srinath was quick during his early days, Roberts doesn't believe that his speed was up there with the best in the world at that time. "Let me just tell you that there is a lot of difference between a fast bowler and quick bowler. Kapil Dev was a swing bowler, but he was not a quick bowler. India's first ever quick bowler that I saw was Javagal Srinath but again he was not in that league of fast men like Yadav, who can hit mid-90's."

When asked how would he combat a modern day aggressive batsman especially with rules not favouring the bowlers these days, Roberts stressed that he would use the short ball to good effect. "The kind of heavy bats that these guys use, I would have forced them to go for hook shots. I would have used the short ball more effectively. The kind of heavy bats they use, it's not easy to quickly get into position for a hook shot. But nowadays, even fast bowlers are trying to hit the length rather than bowl bouncers.”

Roberts also wants the bowlers to use the quicker delivery as a variation instead of the slower delivery. "Variety is not about slowing up but also quickening up," he said. "I always see that for bowlers, the change-ups mean that delivering a slower ball. Why can't change of pace be if someone who is bowling around 88-90 mph increases it up to 95 mph. It's a sudden increase of pace and that's also a variation."

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