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Video: Adam Zampa falsely alleged of ball-tampering in the 2nd ODI; Truth revealed 

Vaibhav Joshi
7.26K   //    11 Nov 2018, 00:10 IST

The incident happened in the 2nd ODI between Australia and South Africa
The incident happened in the 2nd ODI between Australia and South Africa

Having just recuperated from the sandpaper-gate that shook the world earlier this year, we are amidst yet another controversy surrounding ball-tampering. Once again, Australians are at the centre of this fresh controversy. 

Australian leg-spinner Adam Zampa caught all the attention in the second ODI of the ongoing series between Australia and South Africa. The incident happened in the 43rd over of the second innings. Just before the start of the over, Zampa was caught on the cameras while laying his hand in the pockets and eventually rubbing the ball. To the naked eye, it seemed yet another incident of ball-tampering that was about to take place. 

Already having encountered one such incident earlier this year, this particular incident caught a lot of attention on the internet as the video went viral with the allegations looming over the Australian leg-spinner Adam Zampa. 


Did Adam Zampa indeed tamper the ball?

However, for the sake of cricket, that wasn't the case. Well, not everything that our naked eyes witness is the truth. Sometimes, you need to dive a bit deep to know the whole picture. The incident surely wasn't any close to ball-tampering. So what's the truth? Why was Adam Zampa putting his hands inside his pocket? Why was he seen rubbing the ball after putting his hands in the pocket? Was he carrying any foreign material to dampen the ball? Absolutely no. Thus, let's know the reason why Adam Zampa put his hands in the pockets before delivering the ball.

Zampa was actually carrying a warmer in his pants

Adam Zampa was carrying a warmer in his pockets. Cricketers, generally bowlers, carry a warmer to keep their hands warm in cold weather. A warmer is a household thing in countries like England and Australia where the temperatures can get into single digits.

Mitchell Starc using a hand warmer
Mitchell Starc using a hand warmer

With Australia in its winters, the temperature in Adelaide (where the second ODI took place) was around 11 degree Celsius on the match day which precludes the use of a warmer by Adam Zampa. Thus, this was the reason behind Adam Zampa continually putting his hands in the pockets. Well, many of Australia's greatest speedsters have used this instrument in the past which have put them in the same trouble.