Video: When it took the umpire ages to give an LBW decision

Roy Dilawer
Umpire Billy Bowden

West Indies toured Australia in 2010 and played the 2nd match of the ODI series at Adelaide on February 9, 2010. The match was won easily by Australia, who outclassed West Indies in every department. West Indies set a target of 171 to the hosts, which was chased down with disdain by Australia in the 27th over.

The match is not thus memorable at all, being another one-sided contest among many. However, the moment which shall remain a talking and unforgettable point for many years to come was the lbw decision given by Billy Bowden.

West Indies were 61-4 when Mitchell Johnson started the 17th over of the Innings and his own 5th. The left-handed Narsingh Deonarine was facing the penultimate ball of the over.

Johnson bowled a full-length delivery and took Deonarine by surprise who could not bring bat on the ball in time. The ball struck the front pad right in front of the stumps and up went Johnson for a huge appeal. The ball went towards point while the batsmen set out for a single.

Billy Bowden did not look convinced, walked away from the stumps, halted for a moment, moved towards the stumps, and upon assuming his original position once again, he raised his twisted finger. By then, Johnson had long forgotten the appeal, the batsmen had completed the single.

Johnson watched Billy in utter surprise while Deonarine looked on in extreme disappointment. What was Billy actually thinking? On air, the commentator said it took 8 seconds for Billy to judge the batsman out. The way he walked away and then came back and gave the batsman out makes this one of the most remarkable umpiring incidents of modern cricket.

He walked to his partner, Bruce Oxenford, and talked to him about the decision and his change of heart. What two umpires talked about was never made public.

Billy Bowden discussing with Bruce Oxenford the lbw decision of Narsingh Deonarine

Here is the video of the incident:


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