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Virat Kohli birthday: 5 life lessons we can learn from the Indian skipper

Rupin Kale
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ICC World Twenty20 India 2016: Semi-Final: West Indies v India

Very rarely in life do you come across people who have their lives sorted by the age of 29. It is even rarer to find individuals who can inspire others at that age.

Virat Kohli turned 29 today and unarguably is an inspiration to millions of people in India and across the globe. His larger-than-life personality, prodigious talent and immense dedication have made him one of the biggest sports personalities in the world right now.

Here are five life lessons that we can learn from India's premier batsman:

#5 Take success as a process, not a destination

ICC World Twenty20 India 2016:  India v Australia
Virat Kohli: The joy of doing well as a batsman for your country is much more than that little joy of going for a party and enjoying music. It is a completely different high, and I get high by performances. That's what I enjoy now.

One of the major factors behind Kohli's tremendous triumphs over the years has been his hunger to play more, score more and win more.

Never do you witness Kohli coming out for the toss with a slothful and slow walk. In fact, his body language is always a vivid rendition of intent and desire. He looks prepared, perfected, and ready to go.

The Indian skipper owes his success to extreme consistency through the years. His desire to try and take his team over the victory line is apparent in every game that he plays.

This is because he has the uncanny ability to view success in a different light. Like most people, he does not consider it to be the one final goal of his career. In fact, he knows that it comes in bits and pieces, and is spread over years of toil, effort, and exertion.

He teaches every cricket follower in the world to keep at this process of success consistently and add more to it every day. This is an invaluable quality to imbibe, more so in today's fast-paced and impatient world.

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