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Manoj Prabhakar: Virat Kohli has to learn how to face moving ball

25 Jul 2014, 14:53 IST
Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

Former India all-rounder Manoj Prabhakar has said that Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan need to leave the ball better in England to find success. Both Delhi batsmen have struggled to score runs on the England tour so far. 

Prabhakar explained that the batsmen need to judge which balls to leave. Further, he emphasized that Kohli and Dhawan’s stance needs to be more side-on. Being side-on will ensure that they are able to judge the line of the delivery better.

Prabhakar said, “You cannot be open-chested while batting against swing bowlers. You should know how to leave the ball. Same with Dhawan. He should know how to leave the ball. On the other hand, it was class batting by Murali Vijay. Kohli and Dhawan should be more side-on in their stance.”

Former India batsmen Pravin Amre and Chandrakant Pandit also seconded Prabhakar’s opinion and added that posture and positioning at the crease is crucial. Amre stated that the batsmen cannot be open chested against the swinging ball.

Amre said, “It is the preparation for a particular tour that is important. Cricket is always a sideways game. Basically, it is the positioning of the front shoulder that is important in batting.”

Pandit added, “Usually, an open-chested batsman is unable to judge the line of the ball. When the ball moves, he is unable to get into position. He may throw his bat or play across the line. Such batsmen will have general view of where the ball comes. Side-on batsmen will have a specific view to judge the line.”

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