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Warne is right, Australia Lack a leader

Modified 20 Dec 2019, 19:43 IST

Australia v South Africa - 1st ODI
Australia v South Africa - 1st ODI

What happened to them? How can it be so bad? Ok, they lost three players but should it affect them this much? They still have so many of them. They have Starc, Hazelwood. Cummins, Maxwell, Finch, Lynn, Marsh. Any of them can single-handedly win them a match.

Why are they catapulting like they are right now? Where is the Aussie way of playing? Where is the aggression, the swagger? And this is where you realise. It's not the quality of players where Australia are lagging. It's the attitude. The ball-tampering saga has hit them hard and it is too evident.

They're trying to be the good guys and while trying to do that they're losing their elements and playing without much fire. One look at the lineup and you see a team beating whom would be a daunting task for any team in the world.

But then you look at the scorecard and you see a team getting pummeled by the South African attack. Australia has now won 2 of their last 19 matches and it's a horrific statistics for the defending champions. And then you hear talks about "Elite Honesty" and you think what the hell that really is.

Is it even the Australian way? When did the Aussies become the good guys of the game? They were supposed to be the warriors who would be at the necks of their opponents all the time and never give them an inch.

And that's when the reality kicks in, and you understand what Warne said is bang on. They don't need words like "Elite honesty" they need performances on the field and they need a leader, a leader who would push them and who would perform with them and lead them from the front.

It's pretty clear that the players are in a very negative mindset right now and they're not able to express themselves. They need someone who would back them, who would let them be "Australians" for a change. Who would that leader be? Starc? Hazelwood? Maxwell? Finch? Maybe even Langer, but whosoever it will be, he has to let the team be "Australian" again.

Published 09 Nov 2018, 02:40 IST
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