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What makes Ravindra Jadeja the best fielder in the Indian team?

Good fielding can turn a match on its head and Ravindra Jadeja has done that time and again.

Editor's Pick 02 May 2017, 17:10 IST
Jadeja is a livewire on the field

Fielding is quitean underrated aspect of the game. We rarely hear about Glenn Maxwell’s blazing presence on the field that saves runs as much as we hear about the exploits of batsmen or bowlers.

Ravindra Jadeja has had an amazing Indian cricket season with the ball, and he's got due accolades for that. However, there is one thing that is still, perhaps, understated about Jadeja – his athleticism and efficiency on the field.

Jadeja, who is an ambassador of Castrol Activ, is ever consistent and fiery on the field, and clings on to protect the boundaries with aplomb – just like Castrol Activ’s actibonds Cling On to protect your bike engine. The man is so reliable that when the ball is traversing to the zone he is appointed to protect, batsmen never risk an extra run. 

Now, what makes Jadeja such a good fielder? 

Like Castrol Activ’s actibonds – that cling on to the piston like it is its soulmate – a player that aspires to be a good fielder must cling on to practice and hard work. And Ravindra Jadeja does exactly that.

Given that he is relatively young, his physical strength is at an optimum level. But physicality alone can go only so far if it isn’t complemented with the grit to make a difference. 

Watch him perform some incredible fielding drills in this video.

Secondly, the sign of a truly special fielder is his ability to be focused and energetic. Sometimes, we see catches that are far more special than a wicket-taking delivery. Jadeja often takes catches like these; catches which make you wonder whether the wicket should be placed beside the bowler’s name or the fielder’s.

Jadeja is the complete cricket player who can contribute with bat, ball and in the field

Thirdly, when the bowlers fail in making a breakthrough, a moment of brilliance from a fielder can create a run-out opportunity out of thin air, turning the game on its head. Jadeja often gives birth to scenarios similar to the one on the 27th of April, where a moment of brilliance from him in the Gujarat Lions vs Royal Challengers Bangalore match resulted in a crucial run out.

We can only hope that Jadeja continues to grow from strength to strength. He is a true source of inspiration to the other players and upcoming cricketers, as he shows them that fielding is as important as bowling and batting in modern cricket – if not more.

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