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Will following Rahul Dravid's principles help in this day and age?

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Legend, youth icon, path breaker, motivator, pure soul, true human being, kind, caring, patriotic, selfless and the list would go on and on. There has to be a full stop at some point in time. However, there cannot be one in this case. Isn’t Rahul Dravid too good for the testimonies and ordeals of the world?

Does one really need to emulate Dravid? Will it do any good in the placid world we live in? Will it bear fruits? If there are shortcuts, then why follow Dravid? After all, one has to survive. Survival sucks the best out of the best.

Why walk barefoot on a rough path? The world is about competition. Will being the righteous human being provide us with the galore we crave for? It will, but it will take oodles of time; much more than it usually does. Honesty, kindness and hard work only gain “slow claps”, few dozens of good words and nothing materialistic. The world is materialistic. People are selfish.

In such a competitive scenario, are we here to just gain words of appreciation? What will it fetch? If your hard work, your kindness, and your selflessness are doing good for hundreds around you, what are you actually gaining out of it? The answer will be ‘nothing’. We are here to compete with each one around us. We should never ever prefer to take a back seat by helping others out. It is about us, our luxuries and the money we make.

Rahul Dravid is not doing the right thing for himself. Post-retirement, the cool, somber, cozy seat in the commentary box must have helped. Getting paid for sharing his words of wisdom on news channels would have fetched him much more.

How can one leave the comfort and choose the Under 19 and ‘A’ squads to build a base and prepare India’s future? Who chooses to sweat out after such an illustrious career?

On top of all this, who gives away the IPL contract when it narrowed down to conflict of interest? Questions can pour from all nooks and corner.

Rahul Dravid walked away without any guard of honour. He did not request a farewell match as well. He did not give an hour’s speech talking about his glory and glorifying his career. This is stupidity, isn’t it? Who asks for a pay cut after a World Cup triumph?

Dravid said ‘yes’ to everything thrown at him. How can one choose to come out of his comfort zone? He kept wickets for 50 overs. He opened the innings. He did everything he was not supposed to.


What has he gained? He keeps a low profile. He does not show his emotion. How can one be so selfless?

Dravid is a gentleman who has upheld the dignity in any situation. He is honest. He is hard working. He does the right thing. He treats people right. He is humble. He is someone who has always taken his people ahead along with him. He thinks the best about his team.

It is true that it is tough becoming a Dravid. Even if we try, we will fail. Dravid is a legend. All his life, he did everything for India and post-retirement, he is still doing it for his country.

It requires madness. It requires courage and valour to give up on everything to train the youngsters. It requires a big heart to continuously strive to prepare the ‘future’. It requires a legendary wisdom to live a life for others.

Being a Dravid is difficult. If we try and imbibe half of his qualities, the world shall be a better place to live and breathe.

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