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Zee News' faulty scoreboard during India-Pakistan match conveys a strong message to fans

6.85K   //    24 Feb 2015, 01:24 IST
OOH Campaign from Zee News and DDB MudraMax

Outdoor ad campaigns usually convey the message directly and quickly to the audiences, but DDB MudraMax executed a one-of-a-kind outdoor campaign for Zee News OOH Campaign that almost moved spectators to tears. The campaign was implemented across Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi, Lahore and Karachi on the day of high-octane clash between India-Pakistan World Cup match, held on February 15.

Zee News channel installed manual scoreboards across all these places. The spectators thought they were the ordinary, run-of-the-mill scoreboards, but they were caught off-guard when the numbers didn't add up. 

As India started to bat and the first wicket fell, the Indian wickets column displayed '1'. Almost immediately after that though, the wickets column read 2 despite the fact that no other wicket had fallen. People standing in front of the billboards in Lahore and Karachi celebrated, while the Indians, on the other hand, checked the score on their mobile phones and realised the second wicket hadn't fallen. A few minutes later, the wickets column said 3, which made everyone think that the scoreboard was faulty.

The final scorecard of OOH campaign

To the surprise of the fans, no officials came to replace or rectify the faulty scoreboards, but instead the wickets column kept getting updated every few minutes. After India won the match, the copy on the scoreboard changed to 'When Lives are lost, No One Wins.', and the final scoreboard stopped at India 0 for the loss of 547,290, Pakistan 0 for the loss of 546,228

These numbers indicated the number of lives lost at the border since 1947, during the battles fought between these two countries; thus reinforcing the fact that neither country won anything by losing their soldiers. The message was loud, clear and well-presented and it also had the right effect on the people, as many came forward to light candles at the site, in memory of the fallen.

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