10 best indie game demos to check out from the ongoing Steam Next Fest (June 2022)

Which indie experience appeals to you? (Images via Valve/Funcom)
Which indie experience appeals to you? (Images via Valve/Funcom)

The latest Steam Fest event is live, and it is bringing new indie games for fans to look forward to. As usual, several indie publishers have unveiled playable demos for their upcoming games. Fans can proceed to the Next Fest page and download them to indulge in the variety of experiences on display.

The ongoing Steam event began on June 13 and is expected to go on for the next seven days. Until June 20, fans will be able to enjoy the immense selection of upcoming indies. Here are the 10 best demos to check out from Steam Next Fest for June 2022.

The indie games that look to be very promising

1) Cult of the Lamb

Devolver Digital has teamed up with developer Massive Monster to deliver Cult of the Lamb. It is an occult-centric roguelite hack & slash game that stars a demon-blessed lamb who must start a cult and recruit new followers. It introduces survival, crafting, and building elements as followers must be tended after in return for veneration. Overall, gameplay is akin to Supergiant's Hades.

2) Roots of Pacha


Stardew Valley is one of the most popular farming and community-building indies out there, and Soda Den is bringing their own take on it. Roots of Pacha takes players back to early hunter-gatherer civilizations as players must indulge in survival and crafting to grow their community of fellow humans. It has many elements like growing crops, taming animals, fishing and so on. Exploration is key too, which involves usage of magical abilities and collectibles.

3) Metal: Hellsinger


2020'S BPM: Bullets Per Minute impressed players with its innovative combination of rhythm and first-person shooter action. Following in its footsteps, Metal: Hellsinger brings chaos to hell as players must take down the hordes of evil. Armed with an arsenal of weapons and a brutal metal soundtrack to go along with, the half-demon protagonist must face challenging foes in a fast-paced DOOM-esque gunplay.

4) Naiad


Playing as a newly born water nymph, players will take on a serene aquatic journey in HiWarp's Naiad. Set across 16 episodes, Naiad the nymph will swim through beautiful, calming levels and interact with faun and flora. It is a narrative driven tale that highlights the effects of water pollution by humans who exploit nature's resources for their own needs.

5) Midnight Fight Express


A project by solo developer Jacob Dzwinel, Midnight Fight Express is like a lovechild between Sifu and Hotline Miami. As an ex-criminal Babyface, players will take down groups of goons on their way to stop a city-wide criminal takeover. The levels take place across varied set-pieces, from casinos and apartments to atop moving vehicles and in boat chases. There are various brawler techniques to employ as well as a skill tree to make mincemeat of anyone standing in the protagonist's way.

6) Ghost Song


Developer Old Moon's upcoming indie title steps into the well-worn shoes of the Metroidvania genre. In this 2D adventure, players control a Deadsuit awakened from slumber on the planet of Lorian. This desolate landscape hides terrifying mysteries, especially within its underground dungeons. There are hostile monsters to beat, new abilities to collect, and various NPCs to discover in the game.

7) HypeSquad

With a fresh spin on the multiplayer formula, HypeSquad from Netmarble focuses on melee action. Players can choose one of the many personable characters among the roster and duke it out in fast-paced PvP battles. Throw in varied melee weapons, different firearms, and unique abilities, and there is not much else like it out there. Players can team up in groups of 3 against 20 such matchups.

8) Moonscars


Another gripping indie Metroidvania, Moonscars puts players in the shoes of Grey Irma. She is a fierce warrior who finds herself in an underground realm within a kingdom. Her journey is a perilous one that will put many dangerous foes in her path to uncover the mystery between an entity called the Sculptor and herself. As expected from the genre, there will be puzzles to solve, new powers to find, and dangerous bosses to beat.

9) Terra Nil


Rising up in the indie city builder genre is Terra Nil. Developed by Free Lives, players will be tasked with rejuvenating a barren wasteland to life. For this, players will have to construct contraptions to purify the environment's elements like the water and soil. Recycling waste and promoting the growth of flora and fauna is also key to flourishing a healthy ecosystem. The challenge also escalates with different regions, patterns, and hazards.

10) WrestleQuest


JRPGs and wrestling come together for the first time in WrestleQuest. Mega Cat Studios puts the iconic 'Macho Man,' Randy Savage, at the guiding forefront, along with other wrestlers, in this upcoming epic. Players navigate the in-game world as Randy Santos to become the best wrestler ever. Players can team up with a vibrant cast of party members and take down every foe that challenges them in the wrestling ring. Besides a pixelart design, it also boasts turn-based combat and over-the-top moves to crush enemies.

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