10 best mounts in Final Fantasy XIV and how to unlock them

Which mounts in Final Fantasy XIV are the coolest and most satisfying to own? (Image via Square Enix)
Which mounts in Final Fantasy XIV are the coolest and most satisfying to own? (Image via Square Enix)

Final Fantasy XIV has over 200 mounts that players can unlock by playing the game and completing a wide variety of acts and achievements. Some of them require helping others, some involve playing a certain role, or perhaps just need bosses to be defeated over and over in order to secure the item that summons the mount.

One of the best parts of owning rare, awesome mounts in Final Fantasy XIV also means new music to travel around to. In many cases, it’s a boss theme, so players can listen to “Oblivion”, as an example, anywhere they go.

There are several mounts in the game that only come around once or twice a year, and some that are incredibly easy to get, with a little bit of time and patience. With so many gorgeous mounts, amazing music and appealing visual effects, which are the best of the best?


What is the criteria for making the top 10 mounts of Final Fantasy XIV?

Fear not, friends of Final Fantasy XIV! All of these mounts can be acquired simply by playing the game. No real-money mounts are allowed on this list as that’s a separate list entirely. While some of them may not be available in the game right now, they will no doubt come back. Special events in this MMO tend to come back, sooner or later.

A great example is that the GARO event has returned and has three potential mounts that can be unlocked by PVP. With hundreds of mounts to choose from, it can be hard to figure out what to target. Here are some great picks.

Top 10 mounts

  • Gilded Mikoshi
  • Demi Ozma
  • Forgiven Reticence
  • Sabotender Emperador
  • Regalia G-Type
  • Kamuy of the Nine Tails
  • Landerwaffe
  • Kirin
  • Astrope

10) Gilded Mikoshi (Gil)


The regular Mikoshi mount in Final Fantasy XIV requires spending time doing Namazu Beast Tribe dailies. It’s very easy to do, but it’s basic. It’s nice to have Namazu help carry Warriors of Light around, but what if there was a fancier one?

If a player has 50M gil sitting around, they can head to Rowena’s House of Splendors and talk to Edelina. Ask about luxury items, and there’s just one thing to buy: The Gilded Mikoshi. Is it over the top, gaudy, and ridiculous? Of course, it is. But that’s all the more reason to own it. It’s luxury incarnate.

9) Demi Ozma (Eureka)


Who wouldn’t want to fly around on a boss from Final Fantasy IX? By heading through Kugane and accessing the Forbidden Land, Eureka, that is a possibility. It’s a sphere that occasionally takes the form of a cube, with similar swirling colors to the boss it is inspired by.

It requires a lot of farming though and drops from the final encounter of the Eureka area - Ozma. Is it worth it? Absolutely. It’s a status symbol, to be sure.

8) Forgiven Reticence (Hunts)


Shadowbringers had some incredible monster designs, particularly the Sin Eaters. The white, statuesque monsters would make terrific mounts if a player spends enough time completing daily/weekly hunts. This is a mount that is frankly, very easy to unlock with enough time and dedication.

It requires 3,200 nuts, which are a reward for slaying the various hunt targets in Final Fantasy XIV. It’s a beautiful mount, a winged lion with a crown, and it stands out everywhere.

7) Sabotender Emperador (Gold Saucer)


The Sabotender Emperador mount in Final Fantasy XIV is another mount that is frankly easy to get; with time, and a lot of patience. Why is that? For a measly 2M MGP (Gold Saucer currency), it is unlocked at the Gold Saucer.

Players who wait for the “Make It Rain” event will find it easier since all MGP is doubled during that time. The giant Sabotender/Cactuar brings the joy and brightness of the Gold Saucer to any area in the world. This particular mount is one the writer is currently working to unlock in the game.

6) Kamuy of the Nine Tails (Trials)


One common way to unlock a rare mount is to unlock all of the Trial mounts that an expansion has to offer. One of these is the Kamuy of the Nine Tails. Though Stormblood is often seen as a weaker expansion in the lifetime of Final Fantasy XIV, it had some incredible mounts.

This particular mount also looks similar to the Kyubi of Japanese folklore, and has a fantastic theme to go with it. The actual unlocking of the mount requires acquiring seven other mounts, which drop from Extreme versions of Stormblood bosses

Kamuy Mounts

  • Blissful Kamuy: Emanation (Extreme)
  • Reveling Kamuy: The Pool of Tribute (Extreme)
  • Legendary Kamuy: The Minstrel’s Ballad: Shinryu’s Domain
  • Auspicious Kamuy: The Jade Stoa (Extreme)
  • Lunar Kamuy: The Minstrel’s Ballad: Tsukuyomi’s Pain
  • Euphonious Kamuy: Hell’s Kier (Extreme)
  • Hallowed Kamuy: The Wreath of Snakes (Extreme)

Occasionally, these mounts come up in other ways too, for example - the Itinerant Moogle event. It occasionally offers the Kamuy mounts for sale if players collect the number of tomestones he requires. Once all of the mounts are acquired, head to Rhalgar’s Reach and talk to Eschina.

5) Landerwaffe (Trials)


Another one of the “complete trials and unlock their mounts” mounts, this was the mount that came with the Shadowbringers expansion. It’s a massive, four-winged mecha-dragon and has to be one of the best designs in all of Final Fantasy XIV.

Here is what players have to defeat in order to get the right mounts and pick up this mount.

Landerwaffe Gwibers

  • Fae Gwiber: The Dancing Plague (Extreme)
  • Innocent Gwiber: The Crown of the Immaculate (Extreme)
  • Shadow Gwiber: Minstrel’s Ballad: Hade’s Elegy
  • Ruby Gwiber: Cinder Drift (Extreme)
  • Gwiber of Light: The Seat of Sacrifice (Extreme)
  • Emerald Gwiber: Castrum Marinum (Extreme)
  • Diamond Gwiber: The Cloud Deck (Extreme)

This means defeating some of the biggest and baddest bosses in Shadowbringers, but it’s worth it to acquire the Landerwaffe. After getting them all, accept the “The Dragon Made” quest from the Warmachina Fanatic in The Lochs. They’ll lead the player to the Landerwaffe.

4) Kirin (Trials)


This is the absolute easiest of the “Trials” mounts to unlock. Most players can probably solo all of the bosses to get Kirin. On top of that, the A Realm Reborn trial encounters have incredible music attached to them.

In particular, the Shiva mount, that plays “Oblivion” on loop. Like the two above, this requires the players to defeat a series of powerful bosses.

The six trials

  • Aithon: The Bowl of Embers (Extreme)
  • Xanthos: The Howling Eye (Extreme)
  • Gullfaxi: The Navel (Extreme)
  • Enbarr: Lord of the Whorl (Extreme)
  • Markab: The Striking Tree (Extreme)
  • Boreas: Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Extreme)

Players will then head to Mor Dhona, and accept the “A Legend for A Legend” quest. While the other mounts are just as great, the classic Final Fantasy theme playing during flight really sells it, on top of the brilliant black and gold winged horse.

3) Cerberus (Raid)


An absolutely humongous, gorgeous mount, it’s the three-headed Cerberus boss that players are familiar with from earlier in Final Fantasy XIV. This one is both incredibly simple and mind-bogglingly frustrating at the same time.

Simply unlock Delubrum Reginae (Savage), and complete it. That’s it! It’s a very challenging raid, completing it will unlock this fantastic mount for all of the players. It’s the achievement reward, so no worries about trying to get this to drop.

2) Regalia Type-G (Special)


Most Final Fantasy XIV mounts are single-seaters, with the occasional two-seater. Final Fantasy XV’s Regalia Type-G is a four-seater, just like in the game it came from.

This sleek car that plays a familiar tune from FFXV is, unfortunately, not available in the game right now. But like all events, it will no doubt be back again.

Players will need to complete the Final Fantasy XV event and then buy it at the Gold Saucer. 200,000 MGP is a very reasonable price too. Doing the weekly Fashion Report will stack up that much in no time. It even flies and pops its wings like in FFXV.

1) Astrope (Special)


Oh, Astrope. The hopes and dreams of so many Final Fantasy XIV players rests with this powerful mount. A great winged unicorn, it is gilded in gold and has a brilliant white color. While there are tons of horses in the game, none of them compare to Astrope. It’s also a two-seater, which is rare enough.

It’s also possibly one of the hardest mounts to get in the entire game. Players need to complete 2,000 duties in Mentor roulette, which has a special unlock requirement.

The player has to be a Mentor in order to do that at all. To be a mentor, one has to complete every quest for Healers, Tanks, and one DPS class. They then need 1,500 player commendations and 1,000 completed instanced duties.

Then that player can start doing Final Fantasy XIV Mentor roulettes and work towards this mount! Is it worth it? Without a doubt. There are fewer ways to show off just how much a player knows about and loves Final Fantasy XIV, than riding around on Astrope.


With hundreds of amazing designs in Final Fantasy XIV, it’s often hard to know what to collect first. Thankfully, several of these mounts also require other mounts in the collection first! It’s a great way to listen to excellent music and show off one's hard work and dedication to the best MMO going right now.