3 secrets in Animal Crossing: New Horizons you should know about

Secrets Animal Crossing: New Horizons players should know before they start (Image via Nintendo)
Secrets Animal Crossing: New Horizons players should know before they start (Image via Nintendo)
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It has been almost two years since the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but players are still learning new things about the game every day. Like any other game, New Horizons also has its fair share of secrets that sometimes even veteran players might miss out on. However, there is no denying that knowing these secrets might help the players' Animal Crossing journey.

Here are a few such secrets that many Animal Crossing: New Horizons players might not be aware of.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has several hidden secrets that players might be unaware of

1) Rocks are not indestructible in New Horizons

While rocks can prove to be very useful for any ACNH player due to the number of resources they provide, sometimes players may have to get rid of a rock for several reasons. One of the main reasons could be the fact that they do not like the placement of the rock. In such situations, players can destroy the rock using a simple trick.

I destroy one rock and it respawned here to spite me #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch

If players are charged up from having eaten fruit, they can strike the rock with an ax or a shovel and break it. A new rock will appear in a few days, so players do not have to worry about their resources as well.

2) Stone axes and Iron axes yield different results

Contrary to what many beginners of the game think, stone axes and iron axes in New Horizons yield very different results. While stone axes are generally used on trees and rocks to gather resources from them, using an iron ax on the same will destroy them.


This is a very useful fact that players can keep in mind while playing the game to avoid losing out on resources.

3) Villagers present on an ACNH island affect villagers visiting campsite

New Horizons offers eight different personality types among villagers in the series. Players can host up to 10 villagers who can reside on their island, so it is always advisable to have at least one of each personality type.


However, if a player does not have any villagers of a certain personality type residing on their island, they will see quite a few visitors of that personality type on their island campsite.

There are many more such minor details that even veteran players of New Horizons might have missed while playing the game. Additionally, Nintendo keeps adding minor updates to the game every once in a while, so there's something new for players to discover all the time.

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