3 biggest controversies of Pokimane's streaming career so far

Pokimane has been a part of many controversies (Image Credit: Dexerto)
Pokimane has been a part of many controversies (Image Credit: Dexerto)
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Rijit Banerjee

Twitch and drama go like bread and butter these days, with many streamers like Pokimane getting into controversies that inevitably stay with them.

Pokimane is a popular streamer known for playing games like Fortnite and League of Legends on her Twitch streams, and for being a member of OfflineTV. She is also famous for her ASMR content on YouTube. The 24-year-old has a loyal fanbase on both YouTube and Twitch, and gets millions of views every year.

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Despite being one of the most popular streamers on the platform, she has had her share of negative publicity. In this article, we will shed light on her most significant controversies.

Top three most significant controversies that Pokimane has been part of so far

#3 $25 million lawsuit against Twitch by Eric Estavillo

Some Twitch steamers showcase nudity on the platform to attract viewers (Image Credit: Daily Mail)
Some Twitch steamers showcase nudity on the platform to attract viewers (Image Credit: Daily Mail)

Eric Estavillo, a sex addict, sued Twitch for $25 million for showing him suggestive content on the platform. Eric had formerly filed lawsuits against big companies like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft; however, he won none of them. His lawsuit documents outlined list of female streamers like Pokimane, Alinity, LoserFruit and more.

He went on to argue that the streaming platform didn't allow him to filter streams by gender; instead, he had to choose a game and watch thumbnails of the streams showcasing materialistic women.

He also claimed these female streamers escalated his sex addiction and made it impossible to watch streams on the platform.

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#2 Pokimane-Keemstar argument

Keemstar is always at the pinnacle of YouTube drama, and frequently covers it on his channel as well. Back in 2018, he posted a few screenshots of YouTuber SSSniperWolf's fans on Twitter and called them 'virgins'. Pokimane replied to this tweet:

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Keemstar had a very uncanny reply, insulting her, and she later came back with a sharp response.

Keemstar then deleted his initial tweet and dug up some dirt from the past about the streamer and posted it on Twitter, calling her homophobic. Pokimane, however, responded on her Fortnite stream and cleared up the allegations.

#1 Pokimane accidentally showcases porn on her Twitch live stream

A few months back, Pokimane was looking at some content on her live stream when she suddenly pulled out a link which opened the website, Pornhub. She closed it immediately and explained the anonymity of the link she opened during the live stream. This incident saw mixed reaction from the community, as most users got a meme template out of it, while others complained about how she wasn't banned from the streaming site.

She did get a warning from Twitch, and admitted that it was "well-deserved".

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