3 female streamers who almost forgot to turn off their camera after a livestream

These streamers forgot to turn off their camera after a livestream (Image via Gloom, Pokimane, Potasticpanda/Instagram)
These streamers forgot to turn off their camera after a livestream (Image via Gloom, Pokimane, Potasticpanda/Instagram)
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Livestreaming is one of the most popular activities in the gaming community these days. Streaming is much more than just a mere hobby for streamers. Over the past few years, streaming as a full-time professional career has risen to new heights due to its popularity on the purple and red platforms. Be it immense fame or money, steaming online has many perks. However, as expected, with many perks comes multiple downsides.

Content creators follow a long, hectic schedule with long hours of streaming, mainly playing some games or just chatting with their viewers. So every once in a while, they almost forget to turn off their webcams. While some of these instances are embarrassing, others are hilarious.

Here are the top 3 streamers who almost forgot to turn off their Twitch livestream.

These female streamers almost forgot to turn off their webcams after a livestream

3) Pokimane

Imane "Pokimane" is one of the most popular and loving personalities in the streaming industry. With over 9 million followers on Twitch, she has built a huge and loyal fan base over the years. Despite getting all the love from the community, Poki has had her fair share of embarrassing moments.

Naturally, with such a huge follower base, her regular stream ranks in hundreds of thousands of views on a regular basis. Unfortunately, in one such livestream, Pokimane forgot to turn off her camera.

In a rather famous incident, while having fun at a small get-together, the 26-year-old streamer forgot to turn off her stream. Pokimane eventually bent down to pick up her cat in front of the camera. It was only then that the streamer immediately realized that she had left the livestream on. Her friends also had a good laugh as she proceeded to switch off the livestream immediately after.

Watch the video here. (Timestamp 3:16)

It wasn't too crazy, but it elicited tons of crazy responses from her viewers.

2) PotasticP

Jeannie β€œPotasticP” is a popular Twitch streamer and can also be seen hosting sleep streams at times. However, in one such stream, she totally forgot that she was streaming when she woke up.

The streamer got a bit too comfortable on the white couch and started talking to her boyfriend for quite a while and did not remember that she was on a livestream. After snuggling and cuddling with her partner for a few hot seconds, PotasticP realized that her stream was on and hilariously pushed her partner out of bed.

Watch the video here.

While the incident was certainly not that embarrassing for the streamer, it did elicit some insane reactions from the viewers.

1) Gloom

Widely popular YouTuber Kassie "Gloom" tops this list. After a couple of hours, the streamer decided to end the livestream. However, she totally forgot to press the stop-streaming button, so thousands of people could still see her. Gloom then started doing some crazy stuff that she definitely wouldn't want anyone to see.


Unfortunately, she was doing it in front of thousands of people. As can be seen in the clip above, the incident was certainly embarrassing. However, surprisingly, later on it was revealed that it was all preplanned.

Being a full-time content creator is not as simple as it might look from the outside. Behind the spotlight, there is a totally different world. With this in mind, going live in front of millions of people can prove to be quite a challenging job. Everything they do, every word they say, or even every move they make is carefully scrutinized by thousands of viewers.

It goes without saying, but one minor mistake on a livestream can also cost them their entire career. And since it's a livestream, nothing can be edited later. Once it's out in public, there is no going back.

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