3 most popular Dragon Pokemon in Hoenn

Image via Tom Salazar
Image via Tom Salazar
Brandon Moore

Dragon-type Pokemon represent the strongest and the most incredible creatures of the franchise.

There were some amazing Dragon-type Pokemon introduced in the first two Generations of Pokemon. Generation III and the Hoenn region took that to a completely different level, though.


Coincidentally, all of the most popular Dragon-types from Hoenn are dual Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon. They raised the bar when it came to Dragon-types and are still insanely popular even today.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

3 most popular Dragon Pokemon in Hoenn

#3 - Altaria

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

The rise of Pokemon GO and the addition of the Hoenn Dex has seen so many of its creatures become even more popular. Altaria has always been liked by trainers, but the mobile game saw that skyrocket.

It is one of the most used Pokemon in the GO Battle League, giving opposing trainers fits. This elegant creature is one of the best Dragon and Flying-types around.

#2 - Rayquaza

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Rayquaza is one of the coolest Legendary Pokemon ever. From its long green appearance to its Shiny form with a black color scheme, Rayquaza can do it all. This massive creature is definitely a fan favorite.

It has some of the best attack stats in the entire series. A part of the weather trio with Kyogre and Groudon, on top of being the trio master, Rayquaza has gained huge popularity with its immense power and importance to Hoenn's lore.

#1 - Salamence

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Salamence earned its popularity through sheer force. It is one of the most brutal Pokemon ever. This pseudo-Legendary of the Hoenn region holds back none of its power in battle.

100 Speed, 95 HP, 110 Special Attack, and 135 Attack are amazing stats. The first time a trainer used one in battle or faced off against one proved exactly how dangerous Salamence can be. That power made it a large favorite.

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