3 rarest PUBG Mobile Lite gun skins in 2022

Exploring the rarest gun skins in PUBG Mobile Lite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Exploring the rarest gun skins in PUBG Mobile Lite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Samarjit Paul

Krafton and Tencent Games work in tandem to provide the best gaming experience for PUBG Mobile Lite players. Being the compressed version of PUBG Mobile, the Lite version lacks in various departments.

However, the developers have introduced several updates which bring in new outfits, gun skins, vehicle skins, and more.

Among the various gun skins available in the game, some skins are rare to get hold of. In this article, let's talk about the different gun skins that are rare but can be obtained till the different events are available in the game.

Which are the rarest gun skins that PUBG Mobile Lite players can obtain in 2022?

1) Gilded Jade Dragon DP28


The Gilded Jade Dragon DP28 arrived in the game by introducing the 0.22.1 update in December 2021. The upgradable gun skin is by far the rarest DP 28 skin available in the game. The skin is upgradable till Level 5, and the final form resembles the tentacles of an octopus.

However, the mixture of colors, from golden to purple and blue, sets the gun skin apart.

2) Golden Prince Kar 98K


The Golden Prince Kar 98K is another rare gun skin available in PUBG Mobile Lite. The Kar98K skin has appeared in the Anniversary Lucky Draw. Since the Lucky draw demands a lot of Battle Coins (BC) to obtain an item, the rarity of Kar98K has increased.

Players can spend a few thousand BCs to obtain the rare gun skin in January 2022. However, players can collect Lucky Coins and obtain them from the Redeem section to get the cosmetic as a permanent item.

3) Eventide Aria Groza


The Eventide Aria Groza has emerged as one of the rarest gun skins in the Lite version of PUBG Mobile.

Nowadays, the gun skin is mythic in the Lucky Crate. Since obtaining mythic items from crate openings has become a tedious task, players might have to empty their pockets by spending a hefty amount of BC to obtain the Groza skin.

Upgradable until Level 5, the Eventide Aria Groza skin is the most stylish looking skin available for the airdrop weapon in the game.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha


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