3 reasons Cookie Run: Kingdom players should be excited about the new Eclair Cookie

Eclair Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom (Image via Sportskeeda)
Eclair Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom (Image via Sportskeeda)

Cookie Run: Kingdom developers have always kept their fans engaged with the constant release of fresh content. Over 30 massive updates have been released with new levels, game modes, and characters in the game's one year.

Today is the game's first anniversary, and the developers have already released several redeem codes over the past week in celebration of the same.

Currently, the entire Cookie Run: Kingdom community is buzzing with chatter about the new update, which sees the release of two new cookies, a new Cookie Alliance game mode, and several pertinent buffs and nerfs.

Read on to learn more about the new Eclair Cookie, the latest and arguably most powerful Support Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Is Eclair Cookie the best Support Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?


The Eclair Cookie is suggested to continue the meta, which started with Cotton Cookie, where Support Cookies will take on an additional DPS role along with healing. While Eclair Cookie does not have a healer role, there are many reasons to rush to the Gacha to unlock him right away.

1) Massive Damage Rating


Eclair Cookie's base DMG rating is 480%, far ahead of specialized DPS cookies like Sea Fairy (173%) and Sorbet Shark (378%).

It should be noted that this is just a base damage rating before adding any toppings or other skill upgrades, so the maxed out DMG rating is going to be miles ahead at 841% (on a full Searing Raspberry Build).

2) Better Cooldown


Eclair Cookie's base cooldown is also lower than many other Cookies of this caliber. Her base cooldown is 16 seconds, which is just a second below the other similarly powerful Cookies, but as an Epic Cookie, toppings and upgrades for her will be easier to find. So her cooldown can be reduced easily.

Additionally, for the next 30 days after the update's release, special events for Eclair Cookie are an easy source of all required materials to upgrade her easily.

3) The "Weakness" Debuff


The "Weakness" debuff has been introduced alongside Eclair Cookie as her signature ability. Here the damage received by three enemies with the highest ATK power is multiplied 4x. If the enemy is defeated under the Weakness debuff, which is applied for 40 seconds, all allies get an HP shield that boosts Max HP by 25%.

This is an entirely new addition to the game, which many top players and content creators have already said is going to completely alter many aspects of Cookie Run: Kingdom, especially PvP.

Players should keep checking this space for all the details on the latest releases.