4 cat shenanigans players can look forward to in Stray

The world of Stray (Image via PlayStation)
The world of Stray (Image via PlayStation)

Stray is one of the most anticipated video games of 2022. Ever since fans caught a glimpse of the gameplay and Stray's unique protagonist last year, they have scoured the internet for anything they can find on the game. Watching the ginger kitty explore the urban setting will compel all cat lovers to pick up the title and give it a try.


The gameplay trailers have also reflected the amount of effort poured into the game by the developers. They have successfully captured all the idiosyncrasies and shenanigans of a cat. Stray promises a "purr"-fect kitty experience with a nuzzling, meowing, and scratching protagonist.

This article details four typical shenanigans that players can expect to be in Stray when it finally arrives on July 19.

4 things that players can expect in Stray

1) Inquisitively exploring and climbing the surrounding

Cats are extremely curious about their surroundings. They diligently and playfully investigate everything that they find around themselves, be it through sniffs or scratches. As the world of Stray is a forgotten Cyberpunk city inhabited by robots, it is the perfect setting for an inquisitive cat to explore.

The game's unique protagonist also allows players access to places that are generally unavailable in normal games with humans as player characters. The ginger cat will be gracefully jumping and climbing various structures, including signboards, pipes, and AC exhausts.

2) Scratching, nuzzling, and knocking things over

Would it even be a cat game if players were not able to at least scratch surfaces and knock things over? The gameplay of the indie title is inspired by the BlueTwelve founders' cats, Murtaugh and Riggs, and the studio's in-house cats, Oscar and Jun.

Usual cat shenanigans (Image via Sportskeeda)
Usual cat shenanigans (Image via Sportskeeda)

The gameplay trailer showcased the protagonist nuzzling against anthropomorphized robots and scratching sofas. Any cat owner would testify that these are typical behaviors that one has to learn to live with if they have a cat. The developers have also included scratching in the game's achievement list.

Scratching in every chapter and scratching the vinyl in the club will net players two achievements. Stray's trailer also showed the ginger kitty nonchalantly knocking over a row of glass bottles kept on a rooftop.

3) Sleeping to music

It must be mentioned that players will unlock the Productive Day achievement if they sleep for more than one hour. Furthermore, it is a proven fact that music has a calming effect on cats. Pawtracks have shown that music is perfect for soothing and relaxing the kitty.

The game's trailer has already introduced players to Morusque, a streetside musician who has a petrol can as a guitar. Players can bring him music sheets which will make him start playing music, which will make the cat lie down on pillows beside the musician.

4) Meowing, purring and grooming

Cats are often vocal in their communication and have a range of vocal options to choose from, including meowing and purring. The game's achievement list has revealed that players will have to meow no less than 100 times to complete 'A Little Chatty.' However, most cat lovers don't need the enticement of a trophy to meow.

Grooming kitty (Image via PlayStation)
Grooming kitty (Image via PlayStation)

Given that the developers are trying to capture the typical behaviors and idiosyncrasies of a cat, further options to purr and groom will be a welcome addition to the game. Furthermore, DualSense's haptics will be a delight for players to experience during these actions.