5 most anticipated holidays and events on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Turkey Day (Image via Animal Crossing Wiki)
Turkey Day (Image via Animal Crossing Wiki)

Over a year in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there have been many events and holidays. A single year in Animal Crossing translates to a year in real life as the game works off the internal Nintendo Switch clock and calendar. The real-life holiday likely has the exact date and time in New Horizons.

Each month has more than a couple of events, many of which are fun and heavily looked forward to. Here are a few examples of the events and holidays players most enjoy over the year.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons events players look forward to

5) Wedding Season

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The entire month of June is dedicated to celebrating the first Animal Crossing wedding of Reese and Cyrus.

More than a few wedding-themed items are available this month, including the heart-shaped currency. Since New Horizons was released, this has been one of the most popular events in the entire game.

4) Snowboy

🌟Five easy steps to building the PERFECT SNOWBOY every time! #AnimalCrossingNewHorizions #ACNH

This event lasts much longer than most. Snowboy season begins on December 11 and lasts until February 24 in the Northern Hemisphere (June 11 to August 24 in the Southern Hemisphere).

During this time, players can find snow on their islands and build snowboys that will come to life. Making a perfect snowboy will result in several great DIY recipes, too.

3) Halloween

Halloween in Animal Crossing (Image via Nintendo)
Halloween in Animal Crossing (Image via Nintendo)

Halloween is technically only on October 31. That alone would make it a great event, but the build-up genuinely sets it apart. The entire month of October is spent in preparation, and that's when all the Halloween items and DIY recipes become available.

The most fun part of the season is decorating the island as spooky as possible.

2) Turkey Day

Turkey Day is the New Horizons equivalent of Thanksgiving. Like the real-life counterpart, this is a favorite holiday for many players. They get to make food, collect items and earn rewards from Franklin.

This is one of the only ways to unlock exclusive food recipes, which helps make it one of the best holidays all year long.

1) Toy Day

[Isabelle]Happy Toy Day, everyone! I hope you get a chance to meet up with Santa's helper Jingle today and join him in delivering gifts. He'll be here all night long, so it's not too late to hop in and have some fun. Say hi for me!

Conversely, Toy Day is the New Horizons equivalent of Christmas Day. It's here that players can give and receive gifts from their villagers and celebrate the holiday.

The event begins on December 24 and goes on for the entire day. However, there's also a celebration during the evening the following day. Jingle is the event's main villager, and players can get his portrait for free by helping him with challenges.

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