5 best Android games for Pokemon fans in April 2023

This article lists five games every Pokemon fan should check out in April 2023 (Image via Capcom)
This article lists five games every Pokemon fan should check out in April 2023 (Image via Capcom)

Pokemon games let players catch monsters from the legendary anime. Due to the colorful visuals, animations, and addictive gameplay, those titles rose to popularity very quickly. Fans loved these releases and that played a crucial role in boosting the anime's popularity too. This inspired many other games to follow this style. However, a lot of these are for PC, leaving mobile gamers with only a few options.

Despite such problems, there are a few Android games that have successfully entered the hearts of players. Here is a list of other titles that offer a similar gameplay experience and remain almost as addictive as Pokemon games.

5 best Pokemon clones for handheld devices (April 2023)

5) EvoCreo


In EvoCreo, players must catch Creos in tall grass and then evolve them into stronger species by training them. However, what differentiates this IP from Pokemon is the detailed customization that adds a layer of strategy. The game emphasizes deeper insight and monster customization.

Creos when engaged in battle will use rechargeable moves to prevent players from spamming power moves and getting easy wins. This makes the game even more interesting for those looking up for a challenge. With these amazing aspects, Creos has become one of the best RPG releases on Android.

4) Monster Super League


Finding the right Pokemon clone game that will please the playerbase is incredibly tough. However, Monster Super League will probably do the trick. This free-to-play RPG game developed by SMARTSTUDY came with a lot of expectations, and it has successfully fulfilled them.

The Monster Super League boasts charming creatures and beautiful animations to impress mobile gamers. Players will enjoy a collection of monsters, battling them to become the champions of the world. The role-playing game has 550 astromons and invites players to catch all of them.

3) Monster Hunter Stories


Monster Hunter Stories comes closest to being a Pokemon game on this list. This game, despite being a part of a Nintendo 3DS title, works perfectly on Android devices. Even though the regular pricing is considered expensive for most mobile gamers, the game is worth your time.

Monster Hunter Stories is a spin-off of the Monster Hunter Series by Capcom. The game invites the players to roam around monster nests collecting their eggs to hatch a variety of monsters from them. Each of these Monsters comes with some powerful skills to help players crush their opponents. Choose your monster, defeat the enemies, and ride into the setting sun like a Champion.

2) Neo Monsters


Neo Monsters takes a rather unique approach to the traditional Pokemon games available. If you are a fan of Pokemon battling, you are going to like this one. This game brings a 4v4 battle between the two teams. There will be 16 slots for monsters, making it harder for players to juggle than the usual six.

One will need to catch and train the monsters to evolve them into stronger species. The game is based on progression, adventure, and creativity. Neo Monsters rise from their combat-heavy roots, with some great monsters who are also available in the iOS version.

1) Monster Masters


Monster Masters is another riveting addition to this list With battles being decided in minutes, players won’t need to invest much time in the game. What makes it even more interesting is that team management will slowly become limited as you keep collecting more and more monsters. The game also includes multiplayer modes.

Players can also participate in friend battles privately if they do not want to join any leagues. So, if you are trying to find a Pokemon-like game for your handheld device, this might be your best option.

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