5 best Apex Legends guns to use

Apex Legends has quite the arsenal of weaponry (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Apex Legends has quite the arsenal of weaponry (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends has various weapon classes that cater to players’ different play styles. There is no single weapon meta that ensures a win with every game that’s being played.

Several factors are taken into account while choosing a specific gun in Apex Legends. It could be the player’s playstyle, the role assigned, or the sheer potency of the weapon itself.

It can occasionally confuse users to choose a weapon that would suit them best.

Five most potent guns in Apex Legends

5) Rampage LMG

The Rampage LMG is the latest addition to Apex Legends, introduced in Season 10. The weapon packs a punch, dealing severe damage with a relatively slow fire rate.

The fire rate can be improved for a short period by attaching a Thermite Grenade. With this attachment, the weapon can instantly knock players and is highly effective in mid-range fights.

The only drawback is that it’s not as potent during close-range gunfights.

4) Flatline

Flatline is a hard-hitting assault rifle that can be a nightmare for the enemies. The gun kicks harder when compared to other assault rifles.

But, it can inflict a ton of damage, and it’s highly potent when used during close and mid-range fights.

3) R-99 and Volt

Both Volt and R-99 are top-tier weapons for close-range gunfights. The R-99 has the quickest time-to-kill figure in Apex Legends. In the right hands, this weapon can melt armor and knock enemies in an instant.

The recoil pattern can be a bit challenging to master. But with time, players can secure kills in an instant with this weapon.

The Volt is another extraordinary energy weapon with high damage per shot and a decent firing rate. The gun really shines when used in close to mid-range gunfights.

Low charge time and serious damage per shot make this a top-tier weapon.

2) Prowler SMG

Gamers were excited for Apex Legends Season 10 as Respawn announced the return of Prowler to the floor loot. This burst-fire SMG absolutely shreds when used in close-range gunfights.

The five-round burst paired with mobility makes this a top-tier weapon in Apex Legends. This gun has a recoil pattern that is relatively easy to master and has a reasonably big magazine size with a blue or purple-rarity extended magazine.

1) R-301 Carbine

The R-301 Carbine is one of the best firearms in the game. The recoil is easy to master and can be used for both mid-range and close-range gunfights. This weapon does decent damage per shot and has a generous magazine size.

The R-301 with a 2X HCOG attachment is highly versatile, covering a reasonable range. This weapon is used by both casual and professional players, proving that it’s a gun that players of all skill levels can use.

Note: There are weapons that are not a part of this list that might suit certain players better. This list is curated based on damage, ease of use, and overall performance.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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